Can you guarantee me I will catch fish?

Unfortunately we cannot make any such guarantee. Although it is not common, for anyone, to not catch any fish at all, it can happen.

We will do everything we possibly can to give you the best possible chance to catch fish, but in the end fishing is not only an often fickle endeavour, but also relies much on the person doing the fishing itself.

It is our job to take you out to, and to put you “over the fish”. We do so in comfort, safety and a fun filled enjoyable atmosphere.

From there the remainder is up to you to hook the fish and ensure you land it. Our crew will often hook fish and hand over the rod to the less fortunate people onboard. Even then it is not totally uncommon for the fish to escape before being hauled aboard. There is definitely a considerable level of skill and experience in fishing that is directly apportion-able to fishing success.

Please understand, you are booking a charter to head out to fishing locations and use the vessel and fishing tackle to ATTEMPT to catch fish.

You are NOT booking a charter to be supplied with fish (or crabs for that matter).

As such it should be clear NO REFUNDS of any form are applicable should you not be successful in catching any fish.

There is definitely a large amount of skill involved in fishing. We recommend you simply try again as practice makes perfect.

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