Can I keep all the fish I catch?

Yes and No. As long as the fish is of legal size and within the normal “bag limits”, both as set by government regulations, you can choose to either keep or share your fish. We will tag each fish accordingly. Of course if you prefer you can release your fish.

All fish that are kept are “Gutted & gilled” by our crew and placed on ice. We also bag your fish at the end of the day for you to take home to cook and eat.

In general this question relates more to people that have been on charters that enforce the sharing of the catch. We do not operate in that manner. We understand that for those less experienced (or lucky), walking away with a good fish that someone else has caught might be a good thing. We are pretty sure that the person(s) that caught the fish that not as happy about it however. Life is an adventure, and comes with the highs and lows, and rewards and losses that keep in interesting. Fishing is no different. So we don’t force sharing of any catch. Like in life, it’s your decision to make.

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