How can I be sure we will be heading out?

All activities are subject to 2 things.

Suitable Weather Conditions & Sufficient Passenger Numbers.


Obviously nobody wants to head out on the ocean, rivers or canals if the weather conditions are not suitable to do so. We would all love to be able to predict the weather well ahead of time, but reality dictates that we have to wait until 24 hours before departure to be anywhere near confident of the forecasts (and even than on the odd occasion the BOM will still get it wrong!). Rain is generally not a reason for cancellation. There are 2 key factors we need to consider. Wind and swell. Depending on how these 2 factors are impacting together will determine if we are able to head out or not on the day. Of course the type of activity you have booked makes a difference to this as well.


As anyone can imagine, we do need a certain number of passengers to make it viable for us to head out on a given day. This will vary from activity to activity. Exact numbers can be found in our Terms & Conditions for each activity. We do at times head out with slightly less, but this all hinges on the conditions, trip type and other cost factors in play at the time.

Weekends are seldom lacking in passenger numbers. Unfortunately mid week trips, especially outside school holidays are much less regular. Please keep this in mind when looking at departure dates. As a rule we also find that the months of February (Due to weather) through to May are by far the quietest. Of course the Easter Holidays which fall in this period are normally very busy for the duration of the school holidays. June through to January is the key period for all activities offered by Sunshine Coast Afloat.

In the event of your activity being cancelled prior to departure, you can either choose to go on an alternative future date, exchange the amount for a gift voucher, or request the amount paid to be refunded should either of the other 2 options not be suitable/possible.

There can of course also be other unforeseen impacts. Regardless of any impact we will always do our utmost to get our guests out on the water if at all possible, provided it is indeed safe and comfortable to do so.


As with all gift voucher bookings, it is at the sole discretion of the company to determine an alternative date if the gift voucher is not valid after the date of the booked trip. Such date will always be within 30 days of the expiry of the voucher.

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