I’m needing to arrange a group booking. Can everyone just pay as individuals on the day?

No. Unfortunately this is not possible.

We do understand that this places a large amount of responsibility on the person taking on the organiser’s role. As such, for organisers of larger groups, we have special offers in place.  Group discounts may also apply to ensure further incentive for the group organisers to be able to secure the funds more easily from the persons in their group in advance. This requires a single contact person to take full responsibility of that booking. That includes all financial aspects as clearly outlined in our Terms & Conditions under Group Booking Specific terms and conditions.

A substantial advantage of a group booking is that the entire group knows their places are 100% secured, and that nobody in the group will miss out. If a group insists on paying individually the booking WILL NOT be considered a group booking, and each person would be considered a separate individual. As such we cannot hold spaces for such individuals and this may in turn mean that those slow to contact us might find the trip has received other bookings which in turn makes their booking impossible, causing them to miss out.

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