Is Spanner Crabbing done on every trip?

No, we are not able to always offer the Spanner Crabbing as part of the tour. Certain restrictions apply.

For example, each year the Spanner Crabbing has a closure period. From 2018 onward this closure starts on the 1st November, and finishes midnight on the 15th December. Nobody can do any Spanner Crabbing during that time.

We also do not offer spanner crabbing on 11 hour, 12 hour, 18 hour overnight and Sunset charters. Even 9 hour charters are very long for Spanner traps to be down, but any longer and its simply not worthwhile. And hauling spanner traps after sunset takes too long and impacts too much on the overall charter experience.

Finally, there are times when a group books the entire boat to themselves for a fishing charter. In such cases they can make the decision to not do any Spanner Crabbing if they so wish.

For more information on the Spanner Crabbing closure, and Spanner Crabbing in general, visit Fisheries Queensland on:


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