Sunshine Coast Afloat was the first tour operator across our stunning region to offer “extreme” whale watching. Our custom-built, turbo-charged speed boat will take you screaming across the water at speeds of up to 40 knots, to the local sites where our biggest aquatic visitors come to play!

Humpback Whales

The Humpback whales are visiting our waters in record numbers. With more than 10,000 set to grace our shores this winter this tour will bring you closer to these magnificent creatures than any other. In fact, Hela-Va jet will have you sitting so low and close to the water, you’ll almost feel like you’re swimming with them (but don’t worry, you won’t even get wet!).

The Humpback Whales are playful creatures and often treat awe-struck whale watchers to an impressive display of acrobatics as they play with their calves. So it’s not all speed and action, we’ll slow to a crawl and spend time soaking in the experience of viewing these animals in their home environment. Dolphins also seem to be attracted to our speedy boat and often cruise along with us!

This tour aboard Hela-Va Jet is the perfect balance of adrenalin and whale watching. With some wild spins, drifting turns and throttle-stomping straightaways, this unique and exciting experience is one you’ll be talking about for many years to come!

Whale watching tours operate from July – October.

2021 Update –  Hela-Va Jet has since been sold but our large 55 ft vessel, Crusader 1 is a very enjoyable boat to be on when Whale Watching.  We only take 23 passengers and you have rail side viewing the whole time.

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