This page provides the complete list of Sunshine Coast Afloat’s extensive range of Deep Sea fishing charters (aka Offshore fishing charters), each with a short description. This range of services was formerly known and operating as FISH N CRAB DEEP SEA CHARTERS which has now been awarded TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence for 2017:

Fish n Crab Deep Sea Charter has now been incorporated as the Deep Sea Fishing charter range of Sunshine Coast Afloat. To get more detail on a particular charter, including cost, or to make an enquiry or booking, simply select the charter you are interested in to open it.

5Hr Deep Sea Fishing Charter  - Sunshine Coast Afloat

5Hr Deep Sea Fishing Charter

The 5 Hour Deep Sea Fishing Charter.   Our 5 hour deep Sea
5.00 / 10 reviews
per person
7 Hour Deep Sea Fishing - Sunshine Coast Afloat

7 Hour Deep Sea Fishing Charter

The 7 Hour Deep Sea Fishing Charter. Looking for something a little more
5.00 / 8 reviews
per person
9 Hour Fishing Charter Image

9 Hour Deep Sea Fishing Charter

Are you an experienced and keen offshore angler? Our 9 hour deep sea
5.00 / 11 reviews
per person
11Hr Deep Sea Fishing - Sunshine Coast Afloat

11Hr Deep Sea Fishing Charter

The 11Hr Deep Sea Fishing Charter. Our 11-hour charters - aka MEGA day -
5.00 / 4 reviews
per person
Deep Sea Fishing - Sunshine Coast Afloat


Our 12-hour charters - aka MEGA MEGA day - are a great way to
5.00 / 3 reviews
per person
Overnight Deep Sea Fishing - Sunshine Coast Afloat
July thru Sept

18Hr Overnight Deep Sea Fishing Charter

The 18Hr OVERNIGHT deep sea fishing charter. These 18-hour charters are a true overnight deep
Limited to just 5 trips a year!

You can select any of the charters, by clicking on the “VIEW TOUR” button to get a highly detailed description of the charter. Each charter also offers you the ability to enquire about, or instantly book the charter you then select. Of course you can always call us if you so prefer!

Deep Sea Fishing Charters are organised by duration. The most common charters by far are the 9 hour charter and the 5 hour charter, followed by the 7 hour charter. 5 hour charters are also known as “Half Day Charters”. 7 hour charters as “Three Quarter Day Charters”, and 9 hour charters as “Full Day Charters”.

The various durations of each Deep Sea Fishing Charter directly determines the locations able to be reached and fished. Of course the shorter the duration the shorter the distance travelled to fishing grounds. This is obviously done to ensure our guests have more time spent fishing and less travelling. The downside of shorter trips is the obvious fact that the locations closer to shore are both smaller and subject to far greater “fishing pressure” from recreational fishing vessels. Smaller structures tend to yield smaller fish (not always but more commonly).

As such we recommend our shorter trips as the ideal option for those new to Deep Sea Fishing, or those that have limited time available. More experienced guests should always consider a 9 hour or longer charter to enable us to reach areas such as the Barwon Banks which are between 17 and 30NM from shore. This distance alone deters many of the smaller recreational vessels from fishing this massive reef structure. It’s sheer size allows us to look for different terrain and formations depending on the season and fish species most prevalent.

All of Sunshine Coast Afloat’s Deep Sea Fishing Charters are built around the primary foundation of great service. So even on those trips were the fishing gods have not smiled upon you personally, our team will do absolutely everything and more to make sure that you still have the best deep sea fishing experience possible!