The 7 Hour Deep Sea Fishing Charter.

Looking for something a little more challenging  than the short 5 hour / half day fishing trips? Our 7 hour Deep Sea Fishing Charter – aka 3/4 day – might be the solution! These trips are a great way to experience a lot more in-depth Deep Sea Fishing, all without breaking the bank, and still having a large portion of the day remaining for other activities.

These trips are ideal for those with a small degree of offshore fishing experience, as well as who have family (or work) commitments for the same day. Our Sunrise charters arrive back at lunch time, leaving the afternoon free for all the other commitments you might have.

With varying departure times this is a fantastic way to get out on the water and have a great time on a lovely, large and safe vessel, being looked after and assisted by super friendly and highly experienced crew. A fun and enjoyable trip that will show you what you can experience on longer trips.

This short charter offering is still by no means a really “Hard-Core” / “Trophy Fish Chasing” charter offering.  Its why we only recommend this length of trip to those relatively new to Deep Sea Charter Fishing, or those just wanting to get out on the ocean for a good few hours and try their hand at deep sea fishing.   Just understand that the shorter duration of the charter does still limit the total amount of time available for fishing as well as the distance we are able to travel to the fishing locations. In general we travel up to 12nm offshore on this length of deep sea fishing charter.

More experienced fishing enthusiasts should strongly consider our longer duration charters if at all possible. Perhaps our 9 hour , 11 hour, 12 hour or even our 18 hour (overnight) charters are a better fit in such cases!

For a detailed “itinerary” for this charter and to see what is and isn’t included please click on the “Itinerary” tab.

  • All legal fish are your to keep, return or share. Bag and size limits obviously apply and are strictly adhered to. All kept fish will be “Gutted and gilled” for you by our crew, bagged and put on ice for you to take home at the end of the charter.
  • All legal (size and gender) spanner crabs caught are cooked, iced and shared between passengers interested in trying them!
  • Use of fishing equipment and bait is included (you are of course welcome to bring your own if you prefer).

COVID Safe Charter Fishing – for detailed information on how we’ve adjusted our tour to be COVID Safe and for updated terms click here.

Please note that other impacts such as phone and agent bookings, weather and other unforeseen things could impact on the availability at the same time as you are requesting the charter online. Our Terms and conditions are available on this webpage ( Click here to view them now ) and will also be emailed to you as part of the booking confirmation.

The “BRIDGE SEAFOOD ” Pontoon (located at the rear of the restaurant),
209 Brisbane Road Mooloolaba Qld.

For a GPS use “Bridge Seafoods” or “209 Brisbane Road Mooloolaba Qld”.    In iPhone Maps “Bridge Seafoods” is far more accurate.

Please DO NOT park your car here on the service Road, but rather in the FREE public car-park next to the BP service station across the road. 

The location is the corner of Incana Court and Brisbane Road. This parking is free and unlimited in time, and only a 2 minute stroll (100m) from the departure point.

Once parked please wait near the top of the ramp until instructed by the skipper that it is safe to come down the ramp and board the vessel.


The “Coast Guard & Boat Ramp” Pontoon (located between the 2 boat ramps),
51 Parkyn Parade Mooloolaba Qld.

(Click on the RED 
icon on the above map for more information)

We depart from the “Coast Guard & Boat Ramp” Pontoon. (Pontoon is located between the 2 boat ramps).

For a GPS use 51 Parkyn Parade Mooloolaba Qld. These are the units across the road from the ramp.

Please DO NOT park your car in the Boat trailer areas here but rather find a park along Parkyn Parade where parking is free and unlimited in time. Cars parked incorrectly in the Boat ramp car park are likely to be towed.

Once parked please wait at the top of the ramp to the pontoon until instructed by the crew that it is safe to come down the ramp and board the vessel.

Departure location for Sunshine Coast Afloat (includes Fish n Crab Charters and Coastline Cruises).

Key Details:

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION The Coast Guard Pontoon, 50 Parkyn Parade, Mooloolaba ( Sunshine Coast ), Queensland. Australia
DEPARTURE AND RETURN TIMES Sunrise: 5.30AM Departure & 12.30PM Return

Afternoon: 11.00AM Departure & 6.00PM Return

Sunset: 1.00PM Departure & 8.00PM Return

Evening: 3.00PM Departure & 10.00PM Return

DEPARTURE NOTE Please arrive 30 minutes prior for a prompt departure.
WHAT TO WEAR & BRING Comfortable clothing, enclosed shoes, hat and sunglasses. Bring a rain jacket just in case. Alcohol is on a BYO basis.
Professional and experienced crew. Coffee and Tea
Light Refreshments. Fishing equipment
Meals included


 Please arrive 20 to 30 minutes PRIOR to your noted departure time. The vessels will depart on time should you be late and we have note heard from you!
  • Ensure you have enough time to find a car park if needed.
  • Please DO NOT bring empty eskies aboard. The crew will bag and ice your fish and your crabs (separately) for you so that you can take them to your can and easily place them in a waiting esky there.
  • Early charters have Morning Coffee and tea provided aboard. (We know how hard it can be to find a coffee at 5AM!)
  • Please do not wait on the pontoon itself as the crew will be mooring the vessel on its arrival and we safety is paramount for all.


Once securely and safely moored, the crew will ask you to board the vessel. Make your way up towards the cabin, placing any bags in the locker seat that will be open and waiting.


We are heading out to sea so each and every person aboard must sign in on the ship register, and marked off by the crew. To this end see the skipper (at the cabin window) and he will indicate the passenger log for you to comnplete. Have a balance to pay for the day? This is where and when you do that part too.


Once the paperwork has been done for you, make yourself a coffee or tea (all waiting for you on the large table) and have a look about the boat to get comfortable. The Coffee and tea will be put away by the crew as we exit the river so make sure you have yours well before that!

Safety First

As required by maritime legislation, the crew will have to do a safety briefing before we hit the open ocean. Much like on a plane any time you fly, we do need your attention for the couple of minutes it takes. We all hope and expect the information we are providing never to be needed, but its always best to be forewarned and prepared.

Pushing off

One of the few times we need you to be seated, out of the way of lines and other items. Just until the crew have cleared them away and the skipper is heading forward.

Crossing the Bar

Recognised in maritime as one of the potentially more dangerous things that happens aboard a vessel, this is the 2nd time the crew will ask everyone to be seated. Once through (It only takes a minute or 2) the ocean conditions will take effect.

Setting the crab traps

On a 7Hr trip the initial “steam” is normally about 45 to 60 minutes. The vessel will then slow down to a gentle cruise speed (about 8 knots) and the crew will set the crab traps from the rear of the vessel. This will take all of 5 minutes before the skipper is able to speed up again for another 5 or 10 minutes to the first fishing location.


The first of what will normally be 3 or 4 different locations. The crew will provide everyone will a quick demonstration of how to put bait on, how to drop your lines and other relevant areas of using the fishing equipment. Of course if you are still unsure just ask for help! Thats why we have more crew that most other charters aboard!


On a 7 Hr charter you will normally have about 5 hours of actual fishing time not taking into account the move from location to location. on the return trip an additional 15 to 20 minutes is needed to collect the crab traps we set on the way out. The crew will haul these aboard, and passengers are encouraged to get involved in the collection of the crabs and the sorting of them. No need to be frightened as Spanner Crabs are very docile and really cannot harm you (unlike their mud cousins). Its a fun experience and one you may never have the opportunity to do again. The crabs that pass the sorting process are then cooked aboard by the crew and put on ice. Depending on the number of crabs caught, they will be bagged and shared between interested passengers, or made available for eating on the remainder of the return voyage.

Back home

Of course as we re-enter the bar, and during the mooring of the vessel, the crew will ask all passengers to be seated again for safety. Once moored securely, the crew will retrieve the fish caught and the crabs, and hand them out based on the tagging done at the time of catching them. All your fish and crabs will be in plastic bags (never mix cooked with fresh) with ice to keep them cold. The crew will also demonstrate the quick and easy way you can prepare the crabs for eating (SO much easier than other crabs!) Once you have your seafood bounty you are free to disembark the vessel. 
7 Hour Deep Sea Fishing - Sunshine Coast Afloat
Deep Sea Fishing - Sunshine Coast Afloat
Deep Sea Fishing - Sunshine Coast Afloat
Half Day Fishing Trips - Sunshine Coast Afloat
Fishing Charter - Sunshine Coast Afloat

Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 8 reviews
October 17, 2016

“Caught my first fish!!”
Reviewed on trip advisor on the 29 April via mobile
I went out with my 19 year old son and had a fantastic day! I don’t know what my expectations were but they were met 100 times over. Although not having a clue what I was doing, I caught my first fish. So exciting!! And the crew were amazing.
After collecting the crab nets they cooked the crab they caught and we ate it on the way back. Best damn crab I’ve had in my life!
I’m going back to visit my son in a couple of months and I plan on going again!
Thank you for an amazing day! A memory with my son I will cherish Forever!

October 17, 2016

“Great Day Out”
Reviewed on trip advisor on the 3 March
We went on the 7hr trip for a Work Social Club. Was a perfect day, blue skies and little wind. Took about an hour to get out to our first spot, fishing was a little slow but that’s fishing. A few spots later we were lucky to start pulling some fish in, some keepers some not.
Boat is big, plenty of room and we were all lucky enough to catch a fish even if we couldn’t keep it ( there was 14 of us).
The Captain and deck hands were great, friendly and helpful. Great sunset on the way in and they even filleted a mackerel for us that was caught, the biggest of the day.
Highly recommended, looking forward to try the night fishing when that starts up.

October 17, 2016

“Best Day Out!”
Reviewed on trip advisor on the 24 April
My husband Steve and I went out today on the 7 hr trip and had a blast! We started off with the yummy bacon and egg burger and things just got even better. I reckon we caught between 50 to 60 fish, of course not all were of legal size however we still came home with a sweetlip, several tusk fish a moses perch and a big mackerel, not to mention the spanner crabs. The crew, skipper, and deckie were excellent, helping out with anything we needed help with. I would thoroughly recommend this charter, well worth the money!!

October 18, 2016

“Fish were biting”
Reviewed on trip advisor on the 5 April
Great trip, great customer service – fantastic skipper who knows his stuff – a bit choppy but fish were biting. Check out Sunshine Coast Afloat’s Fish n Crab Facebook page for pics. We will be back.

October 18, 2016

“Awsome experience!!”
Reviewed on trip advisor on the 6 April via mobile
Fishing can be a tough thing to do at times. Susnhine Coast Afloat’s Fish n Crab Charters team said they would give us a great day, and it was! We didn’t catch a lot (Others aboard didn’t have that same problem mind you!) but even so we could not have asked for a better trip! This was our first time out deep sea fishing but it won’t be our last! Thanks Sunshine Coast Afloat and we will see you again next year!

October 18, 2016

“7hr Fish and Crab”
Reviewed on trip advisor on the 18 September
The staff were awesome guys, all so friendly and helpful. No we didn’t land that really big one but took plenty home. The weather has been pretty unpredictable all year so here is hoping next trip when I hope to do a family one we will land some really bloody awesome fish to brag over. cheers guys

November 20, 2017

7 hours fishing charter
Reviewed on trip advisor on the 15th November
Was a great day with lots of fish! If I had the time and money I would instantly go again, probably for bigger fish on the 9 hours charter :)
Friendly and cool crew, well prepared and not fixed on time so we had the best possible hours on the sea!

August 6, 2018

I had a great afternoon, great conditions, great weather, great company, great boat, great crew, not so great fish but maybe next time!

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