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The 9 Hour Deep Sea Fishing Charter.

Are you an experienced and keen offshore angler? Our 9 hour deep sea fishing charter – aka FULL day – is the one of the best ways to experience TRUE Deep Sea Fishing. These longer charter trips allow us to  devote a large portion of the day to really chasing that trophy fish for you!!

Although the most popular deep sea fishing charter duration overall, we really recommend this as the minimum length of trip to those with some degree of experience in Deep Sea Charter Fishing, or those ready to build on their existing experience.  The longer duration of the charter not only allows for a lot more time for fishing, it also enables us to increase the distance we are able to travel to the fishing locations. In general we travel up to 15nm-17nm offshore on our 9 hour Deep Sea Fishing charters. This enables us to make great use of the Barwon Banks Reef system on these trips!

But for those completely new to deep sea fishing it can often prove overwhelming and difficult to master on such short notice. This longer charter offering really is the first of the more “Hard-Core” / “Trophy Fish Chasing” charter offerings.  Its why, as mentioned, we only really recommend this length of trip to those with at least some experience in Deep Sea Fishing. The deeper waters, stronger currents and larger fish normally pose a far greater challenge which can make for a difficult day if you have not had experience with less extreme conditions at sea before. On these more “hardcore” fishing charters skill plays an increasingly greater role in success!

The smile says it all! An awesome size Tusk Fish makes all the effort worthwhile!

To get such experience, less experienced fishing enthusiasts, and those wanting the Spanner Crabbing experience, should strongly consider shorter duration charters if at all possible. Usually our 5 hour or 7 hour charters are a much better fit in such cases! Although we will never enforce these guidelines on any of our guests, we believe we should always offer you the charter we believe is most likely best suited to the experience you are looking for! In the end the decision remains yours of course.

Our sunrise charters include a BBQ lunch, and both our sunset and evening charters include a BBQ dinner.

Everyone at Sunshine Coast Afloat prides themself on being extremely dedicated and  responsible to our guests. On all cruises, including the wildly popular New Year’s Eve cruises, we limit vessel capacity to to the best suited numbers to ensure that you have a safe, comfortable and memorable experience.

No doubt this is why we have, for the last 9 years won the top Tripadvisor awards each year!


  • All legal fish are your to keep, return or share.Bag and size limits obviously apply and are strictly adhered to. All kept fish will be “Gutted and gilled” for you by our crew, bagged and put on ice for you to take home at the end of the charter.
  • All legal (size and gender) spanner crabs caught are cooked, iced and shared between passengers interested in trying them!
  • Use of fishing equipment and bait is included (you are of course welcome to bring your own if you prefer).

9 hour deep sea fishing charters, especially on weekends, tend to fill very fast, so we strongly recommend booking early to avoid missing out!

We really look forward to seeing you aboard soon!


COVID Safe Fishing – for detailed information on how we’ve adjusted our tour to be COVID Safe as well as for our fully updated terms click here.

Please note that other impacts such as phone and agent bookings, weather and other unforeseen things could impact on the availability at the same time as you are requesting the charter online. Our Terms and conditions are available on this webpage ( Click here to view them now ) and will also be emailed to you as part of the booking confirmation.

The “BRIDGE SEAFOOD ” Pontoon (located at the rear of the restaurant),
209 Brisbane Road Mooloolaba Qld.

For a GPS use “Bridge Seafoods” or “209 Brisbane Road Mooloolaba Qld”.    In iPhone Maps “Bridge Seafoods” is far more accurate.

Please DO NOT park your car here on the service Road, but rather in the FREE public car-park next to the BP service station across the road. 

The location is the corner of Incana Court and Brisbane Road. This parking is free and unlimited in time, and only a 2 minute stroll (100m) from the departure point.

Once parked please wait near the top of the ramp until instructed by the skipper that it is safe to come down the ramp and board the vessel.


The “Coast Guard & Boat Ramp” Pontoon (located between the 2 boat ramps),
51 Parkyn Parade Mooloolaba Qld.

(Click on the RED 
icon on the above map for more information)

We depart from the “Coast Guard & Boat Ramp” Pontoon. (Pontoon is located between the 2 boat ramps).

For a GPS use 51 Parkyn Parade Mooloolaba Qld. These are the units across the road from the ramp.

Please DO NOT park your car in the Boat trailer areas here but rather find a park along Parkyn Parade where parking is free and unlimited in time. Cars parked incorrectly in the Boat ramp car park are likely to be towed.

Once parked please wait at the top of the ramp to the pontoon until instructed by the crew that it is safe to come down the ramp and board the vessel.

Departure location for Sunshine Coast Afloat (includes Fish n Crab Charters and Coastline Cruises).

Key Details:

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION The Coast Guard Pontoon, 50 Parkyn Parade, Mooloolaba ( Sunshine Coast ), Queensland. Australia
DEPARTURE AND RETURN TIMES Sunrise: 5.30AM Departure & 2.30PM Return

Sunset: 11.00AM Departure & 8.00PM Return

Evening: 12.00PM Departure & 9.00PM Return

DEPARTURE NOTE Please arrive 30 minutes prior for a prompt departure.
WHAT TO WEAR & BRING Comfortable clothing, enclosed shoes, hat and sunglasses. Bring a rain jacket just in case. Alcohol is on a BYO basis.
Professional and experienced crew. Coffee and Tea
Light Refreshments.

Meals included

All Fishing equipment
Spanner Crabbing


Please arrive 20 to 30 minutes PRIOR to your noted departure time. The vessels will depart on time should you be late and we have note heard from you!

Ensure you have enough time to find a car park if needed.
Please DO NOT bring empty eskies aboard. The crew will bag and ice your fish for you so that you can take them to your can and easily place them in a waiting esky there.
Early charters have Morning Coffee and tea provided aboard. (We know how hard it can be to find a coffee at 5AM!)
Please do not wait on the pontoon itself as the crew will be mooring the vessel on its arrival and we safety is paramount for all.



Once securely and safely moored, the crew will ask you to board the vessel. Make your way up towards the cabin, placing any bags in the locker seat that will be open and waiting.


We are heading out to sea so each and every person aboard must sign in on the ship register, and marked off by the crew. To this end see the skipper (at the cabin window) and he will indicate the passenger log for you to complete. Have a balance to pay for the day? This is where and when you do that part too.


Once the paperwork has been done for you, make yourself a coffee or tea (all waiting for you on the large table) and have a look about the boat to get comfortable. The Coffee and tea will be put away by the crew as we exit the river so make sure you have yours well before that!

Safety First

As required by maritime legislation, the crew will have to do a safety briefing before we hit the open ocean. Much like on a plane any time you fly, we do need your attention for the couple of minutes it takes. We all hope and expect the information we are providing never to be needed, but it’s always best to be forewarned and prepared.

Pushing off

One of the few times we need you to be seated, out of the way of lines and other items. Just until the crew have cleared them away and the skipper is heading forward.

Crossing the Bar

Recognised in maritime as one of the potentially more dangerous things that happens aboard a vessel, this is the 2nd time the crew will ask everyone to be seated. Once through (It only takes a minute or 2) the ocean conditions will take effect.

Setting trolling lines

On a 9Hr trip the total “steam” to the start of the Barwon Banks is normally about 90 minutes. However if the crew (or you as passengers) see anything that could indicate a worthwhile area to troll through such as bait fish jumping etc, the vessel will then slow down to a more gentle cruise speed (about 8 to 12 knots) and the crew will set the trolling lines from the rear of the vessel. With a little luck we may hook on to a few good size pelagic before the reef fishing itself has started!


The first of what will normally be 5 or 6 different locations. The crew will provide everyone will a quick demonstration of how to put bait on, how to drop your lines and other relevant areas of using the fishing equipment. Of course if you are still unsure just ask for help! That’s why we have more crew that most other charters aboard!


On a 9 Hr charter you will normally have about 7 hours of actual fishing time not taking into account the move from location to location or the time you may take to have lunch/dinner.

Back home

Of course as we re-enter the bar, and during the mooring of the vessel, the crew will ask all passengers to be seated again for safety. Once moored securely, the crew will retrieve the fish caught and hand them out based on the tagging done at the time of catching them. All your fish will be in plastic bags with ice to keep them cold. Once you have your seafood bounty you are free to disembark the vessel.
9 Hour Fishing Charter Image
Deep Sea Fishing - Sunshine Coast Afloat

Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 11 reviews
October 17, 2016

“Great Day Out”
Reviewed on trip advisor on the 27 December
I recently went on a day trip with this outfit and it was nothing short of excellent. Professional staff and crew, well run vessel, good quality tackle and plentiful drinks and food.
Fishing well offshore at depths of 30m and 80m some great fish were caught and a lot of amazing wildlife seen. The staff were very attentive and helpful. They also strictly ensured all fish caught we’re checked to confirm if they were within size limits and if not we’re quickly and safely returned to the water.
The dropping off of crab pots on the way out which we’re picked up on the return with the catch cooked on board was a very nice touch and added to the catch made for a great family meal that night.
Will be going again, for sure.

October 18, 2016

“A Great day out”
Reviewed on trip advisor on the 3 June
Really enjoyed my first deep sea fishing experience went out for nine hours and the deckies where a great help. I would recommend to others looking forward to going again.

October 18, 2016

“Fish n Crab is their name and that is what they delivered!!”
Reviewed on trip advisor on the 5 June
I can highly enough recommend Sunshine Coast Afloat’s Fish n Crab Charters if you are looking for a great charter fishing experience. I went out on a 9 hour trip, there were some 16 others in the group, we caught close to 100 fish (60ish keepers) and the real kicker for me was the spanner crab the crew caught using spanner crab dillies (nets) which were dropped off on the way out…on the way back we picked up 32 keepers. They cooked them right there on the boat, and the fish were cleaned and ready to go too!
Came home with 4 good sized fish and 4 spanner crabs. I had a BBQ planned at my place for afterwards to eat the catch…Lucky I went with you guys…otherwise I might have been left with a hungry crowd!
Thanks again for a great experience…The crew were tireless in helping everyone!!
I will be recommending you to all!!

October 18, 2016

“Awesome day’s fishing”
Reviewed on trip advisor on the 12 January via mobile
I took my staff out for a days fishing with Sunshine Coast Afloat’s Fish n Crab charters and we had an absolute ball !!
Boat is super comfortable , crew are helpful and most entertaining. We all caught fish and enjoyed the entire experience . Awesome touches like the awards ceremony and friendly joking around helped to make it a most memorable experience for us all . Not to mention the trophy fish we caught as well !!
All my staff have vowed to make this our annual event and we will certainly be choosing Sunshine Coast Afloat’s Fish n Crab charters .
I highly recommend this company to anybody wanting a great fishing trip .

October 18, 2016

“Oh Buoy, what a great day!”
Reviewed on trip advisor on the 7 April via mobile
Went out on a day trip with a few friends. Although we were originally thinking a short trip was all we wanted, we are so glad we headed out on a full day as recommended by Paddy! What an awesome experience from start to finish. Caught a 10kg Snapper which is the biggest fish I have ever caught! The amazing spanner crabs we also took home meant the best seafood feast ever! Highly recommend these guys. They know their stuff!!!

October 18, 2016

“Awesome day”
Reviewed on trip advisor on the 18 April via mobile
It’s was the best trip I have ever been the staff were excellent and extremely helpful we caught plenty of fish and had lots of fun the deck hands and skipper couldn’t of been more helpful and lunch was great thanks for a great day!

October 18, 2016

“9hr Fishing trip”
Reviewed on trip advisor on the 19 April
The boat was great and the staff were really friendly and helpful, although the weather became a bit choppy towards the end. Food was really good and we thoroughly enjoyed the day – caught plenty of fish too!

October 18, 2016

“Fun Fishing”
Reviewed on trip advisor on the 19 April
Loved this awesome day out. It was worth getting up at an obscene hour to drive down to the Sunshine Coast to go out on the boat with the Sunshine Coast Afloat crew. We caught a couple of good fish, went home with some lovely crab too and the weather was perfect. Not too many people crammed on board and the best Christmas present to buy someone who loves being out on the water. This was our second trip out with Sunshine Coast Afloat’s Fish ‘n Crab charters, and it won’t be the last.

October 18, 2016

“Fishing off Mooloolaba”
Reviewed on trip advisor on the 2nd October via mobile
Had a fantastic day with the tuna on the bite. Great crew, really friendly and helpful. Will be back for sure!

October 22, 2016

“A good day out on the water”
Reviewed on trip advisor on the 19th October
Spacious boat with heaps of rods and room for eskies… oh yeah and there’s a heap of room to fish as well.
If you can get past the fact that one of the skippers a kiwi! :-)
All the staff are friendly and helpful plus you can have a laugh with them. They know the good spots to go to and the nine hour charter’s the one to do – it’s well worth the extra dollars!
They put some spanner crab pots out on the way so you get a feed on the way back in.
Take sea sickness tablets with you (the non hippy ones) and I reckon you could sell them on the boat for $50 a pop when the people that didn’t take them go green!
Good times with good people. Enjoy!

November 20, 2017

Excellent, professional, experienced crew, fantastic day.
Reviewed on trip advisor on the 7th November
My trip was a five hour trip, 76th birthday present, which I upgraded to nine hours, to get out to the Barwon Banks. I am an old boatie; our day was preceded by a howling “Super Cell” the afternoon before, and SCA modified our departure time from 0500 to 1000 to allow time for the wind and waves to abate. SCA advised us why when they notified us of the change in departure time.
It was a tad rough getting out over the bar but our skipper took the boat inshore enough to clear the worst of it.
I noted that our Skipper, Toby, helmed the boat by hand all of the way out, and when I queried why he didn’t use autopilot he told me that the clients got a smoother ride when hand helmed: a lot more work for him, better ride for us, although probably no one else noticed his input.
Both Toby and deckie Zoe have great people skills and this was appreciated by all aboard. I have been on other Mooloolaba charters, not SCA, and have been disappointed, largely by the decisions of the skipper re too frequent changes of location, almost always involving anchoring and retrieving the anchor, which ate up far too much of the fishing times. Toby put us on to fish and most of us caught some. He and Zoe are strict regarding legal size, so a lot of “nearly there’s” went back to grow a tad more.
I was reefed twice by good fish, lost all the gear, which was rapidly replaced by Toby or Zoe, always with smiles and friendly banter, quite unlike that of other trips when reefed or snagged.
We had a wonderful range of viewing experiences, including a mother whale with calf up fairly close, plus a small group further away, two schools of flying fish being harassed by bigger fish, causing large fly pasts, a very close swimpast by a shark generous enough to keep its dorsal fin above the surface in traditional mode, and a large Loggerhead turtle almost alongside.
Plenty of good nibbles and drinks at all times, plus a great BBQ from Zoe which she delivered to our fishing spots, after requesting and remembering our orders, so we could keep on fishing while eating. Go Zoe!
The atmosphere was always happy, even though some fishers were totally inexperienced and similarly successful! A Swiss couple were “all at sea” in both senses of the phrase, but never lost their smiles and willingness to chat. Great company.
I was that nasty bloke who caught too many fish, which bought me heaps of banter, Hi Kathy! Babies all went back in.
A great day, am going again in the near future. Couldn’t recommend them more.
SCA have my approval to forward my contact number, should prospective clients wish for a more detailed discussion re whether to join one of their trips.

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