This year’s (2020) Fire Works have unfortunately been cancelled by Sunshine Coast Council due to the potential impact of  crowds along the shore and the Covid-19 pandemic rules and regulations.


A New Years Eve Cruise watching the Sunshine Coast 8.30PM fireworks. This show has been especially put together by the Sunshine Coast Council with the younger children in mind! So you can bring the whole family with you to enjoy this once a year only special event! What better, more memorable way to watch the fireworks from a spacious, uncrowded and very comfortable boat out in the bay?! No need to fight the huge crowds on the beach and foreshore!

Instead you can watch the 8.30PM Mooloolaba fireworks from a vantage point the envy everyone ashore. All while enjoying a drink and food with friends and family.

First class, highly qualified and experienced crew, trained to provide the highest possible levels of service will look after you like never before. From the moment you step aboard and are greeted , they will ensure you have nothing more to do than to enjoy yourself.

Crusader 1 is a large, open deck vessel which allows full walk around access, even to the bow of the boat where you can use the bean bags to relax and watch the fireworks. There is a massive centre deck table on which you can have a wide range of food laid out! Or you can enjoy a more private experience with a table just for 2! Our goal is for you to have the best New Years Celebration possible! If booking the boat just for your group the rear deck can be setup with tables and chairs or left open for dancing! Completely your choice!

With small passengers numbers on such a large boat (45 passengers max) everyone can fully enjoy total visibility, have room to move about and have their choice of seating.

Remember, you can only do a trip like this once a year!!

COVID Safe Cruising – for detailed information on how we’ve adjusted our tour to be COVID Safe and for updated terms click here.

Key Details:

Please note- This tour operates once a year on New Years Eve only. 

Given the unknown Covid-19 situation at the time of this event, please understand that we cannot be certain that this event will indeed proceed in 2020. In the case the fireworks are cancelled (the controlling body being the Sunshine Coast Council), all booked passengers will be given the option of having the trip altered to a River and canal cruise or be provided a full refund if that is not suitable. We trust all interested parties understand the fact that Sunshine Coast Afloat has no control over this situation and will be acting in the best interests of their guests at all times.

Children up to 12 years of age will be charged at $30.00 only!

Although the main description states this cruise taking 3 hours, please allow for a bit longer as the New Years Eve water traffic can really impact on our ability to get you back in the 3 hour time frame.

A Boat booking option is also available!

BYO Drinks are not permitted on this cruise.

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Bridge Seafoods (restaurant), 209 Brisbane Road, Mooloolaba ( Sunshine Coast ), Queensland. Australia (This is the service road along Brisbane Road)
DEPARTURE TIME The best time to depart is 7.15PM. Please arrive 20 minutes prior for a prompt departure.
RETURN TIME Varies based on the duration of the 8.30PM fireworks. Usually about 9.15PM.


WHAT TO WEAR & BRING Comfortable clothing, enclosed shoes and a party mood!  And don’t forget your CAMERA!  No Eskis please
Fireworks, with the best viewing location from the River. Self serve Iced Water
BYO Food. Drinks available from the onboard fully licenced bar.
Food (BYO OK)
No BYO Alcohol, Soft Drinks, Coffee and Tea are permitted. (All are available from our onboard Bar.)

An ideal and highly cost effective option for corporate outings, General partiers and general new years eve celebrations! Let us assist you to ensure every aspect of your cruise is planned with quality in mind to ensure maximum enjoyment.

Please note that no funds will be deducted until we have been able to also confirm the availability of the requested charter. This because other impacts such as phone and agent bookings, weather and other unforeseen things  could impact on the availability at the same time as you are requesting the charter online. Our Terms and conditions are available on this webpage ( Click here to view them now ) and will also be emailed to you as part of the booking confirmation.



 Please arrive 20 to 30 minutes PRIOR to your noted departure time. We would hate for the cruise to depart too late to enjoy the first fireworks of the evening! Depending on the departure time you may need to ensure you have enough time to find a car park, as it can get a bit hectic on New Years Eve in town!!
Please do not wait on the pontoon itself as the crew will be mooring the vessel on its arrival and we safety is paramount for all. Especially if you have eskies and bags of supplies you wish to bring aboard!


Once securely and safely moored, the crew will ask you to board the vessel. Make your way up towards the cabin, placing any small bags in the locker seat that will be open and waiting. There will be plenty of time to lay out food and other things for the evening once we are underway.


We are heading out to sea so each and every person aboard must sign in on the ship register, and marked off by the crew. To this end see the skipper (at the cabin window) and he will indicate the passenger log for you to complete.


Once the paperwork has been done, have a look about the boat to get comfortable.

Safety First

As required by maritime legislation, the crew will have to do a safety briefing before we hit the open ocean. Much like on a plane any time you fly, we do need your attention for the couple of minutes it takes. We all hope and expect the information we are providing never to be needed, but its always best to be forewarned and prepared.

Pushing off

One of the few times we need you to be seated, out of the way of lines and other items. Just until the crew have cleared them away and the skipper is heading forward.

Crossing the Bar

Recognised in maritime as one of the potentially more dangerous things that happens aboard a vessel, this is the 2nd time the crew will ask everyone to be seated. Once through (It only takes a minute or 2) the ocean conditions will take effect.

Searching for the best viewing spot

This is where the skipper might take a little extra time to really get the boat in a great (and safe) spot from which you can get the best possible view of the fireworks. A great time to set out the food etc you might have brought with you on the centre deck table. The deck crew will be more than happy to assist you with this until they are needed for anchoring.

First fireworks!

The first of what will be 2 great fireworks displays on the night. Scheduled for 9PM (for the kids they say) its a great way to kick off the evening!

Party time

Once the first fireworks have finished you will see a lot of activity on the water with other vessels leaving etc. If the skipper thinks he needs to get to a different spot for the midnight display he will probably move once a bit of room has been made by the other boats. (Wind shifts, tides etc all play a part in this). For you this is the time to party, cook a BBQ (if you want to do so), and generally enjoy yourselves.

The real fireworks!

The year has come to an end. These are the fireworks that celebrate the start of a new year full of hope and promise! And you now have a first class position to watch and enjoy them with the people you want to share that with! This is the culmination of the evening, and of course it also signals that the evening is drawing to a close for all.


Heading back

All good things must come to an end. We try to keep the return trip as short as possible to give us as much time for fun as possible. On average the return trip takes about 15 minutes all up. Just enough time to get anything packed that you want to take back with you. Everything else will be placed in the rubbish bins after you have departed the vessel.

Back home

Of course as we re-enter the bar, and during the mooring of the vessel, the crew will ask all passengers to be seated again for safety. Once moored securely back on the pontoon the crew will assist you to disembark the vessel.

The “BRIDGE SEAFOOD ” Pontoon (located at the rear of the restaurant),
209 Brisbane Road Mooloolaba Qld.

For a GPS use “Bridge Seafoods” or “209 Brisbane Road Mooloolaba Qld”.    In iPhone Maps “Bridge Seafoods” is far more accurate.

Please DO NOT park your car here on the service Road, but rather in the FREE public car-park next to the BP service station across the road. 

The location is the corner of Incana Court and Brisbane Road. This parking is free and unlimited in time, and only a 2 minute stroll (100m) from the departure point.

Once parked please wait near the top of the ramp until instructed by the skipper that it is safe to come down the ramp and board the vessel.

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