The Sunshine Coast’s Ocean Jet Boat Thrill ride.

Jump aboard Hela-Va Jet and experience the thrills! This rare vessel specifically designed for wild open ocean Jet Boat Thrill rides!
This isn’t about zoomed fast on flat water. We do spins on waves, surf waves and, if you are lucky enough even do the odd “Wave-Dive”!
Of course high speed turns, “figure 8s”, “Ducktails” and other seemly crazy manoeuvres are all part of the ride.
All of this is accompanied by a pulsing beat supplied by a 2000W sound system delivered to you though 8 Speakers! (That’s 2 per row or 1 speaker for every 2 people!).

Unlike any other thrill ride you have been on before! This ride is much more like a Roller-Coaster than a boat ride!

We have to strap you into a Recaro racing bucket seats, with a 4 point safety harnesses! All due to the G-Forces generated being so powerful, you simply could not hold on if you were on a “bench seat” (like almost all of the flat water boats offer).

These open ocean thrill rides have regularly been referred to as Adrenaline Junkies heaven!  The wilder the water the wilder the ride!! is our moto!
Our rides are twice the length of most other jet boat rides making it a very affordable thrill for everyone!


Key Details:

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Bridge Seafoods (restaurant), 209 Brisbane Road, Mooloolaba ( Sunshine Coast ), Queensland. Australia (This is the service road along Brisbane Road)

Noon: 12PM Departure

Lunch: 1.PM Departure

Afternoon: 2.PM Departure (By special request only)

Mid Afternoon: 3PM Departure (By special request only)

Late Afternoon: 4PM Departure (By special request only)

Dusk: 5PM Departure (By special request only)

DEPARTURE NOTE Please arrive 20 minutes prior for a prompt departure.
WHAT TO WEAR & BRING Anything goes although we recommend Comfortable clothing. Small handbags are ok. No large bags or items such as large cameras as they may get damaged. You won’t get soaked, but you may get some water on you of course!
Free video footage Coffee and Tea
Light Refreshments. Meals
Professional and experienced crew.
Photograph (on request).

For a detailed “itinerary” for this ride please click on the Itinerary tab.

Please note that no funds will be deducted until we have been able to also confirm the availability of the requested charter. This because other impacts such as phone and agent bookings, weather and other unforeseen things  could impact on the availability at the same time as you are requesting the charter online. Our Terms and conditions are available on this webpage ( Click here to view them now ) and will also be emailed to you as part of the booking confirmation.

The “BRIDGE SEAFOOD ” Pontoon (located at the rear of the restaurant),
209 Brisbane Road Mooloolaba Qld.

For a GPS use “Bridge Seafoods” or “209 Brisbane Road Mooloolaba Qld”.    In iPhone Maps “Bridge Seafoods” is far more accurate.

Please DO NOT park your car here on the service Road, but rather in the FREE public car-park next to the BP service station across the road. 

The location is the corner of Incana Court and Brisbane Road. This parking is free and unlimited in time, and only a 2 minute stroll (100m) from the departure point.

Once parked please wait near the top of the ramp until instructed by the skipper that it is safe to come down the ramp and board the vessel.

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5.00 based on 1 review
October 20, 2016

Great experience!
Reviewed on Facebook on the 19th February
Thoroughly enjoyed our experience this morning.
Was bloody fantastic, Will definitely be back to do it again!!!

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