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Considering Whale Watching Mooloolaba? The Sunshine Coast now offers some of the best Whale Watching in Australia! In fact, the Sunshine Coast is rapidly becoming “The GO-TO” destination for Whale Watching in South East Queensland! Sunshine Coast Whale watching is gaining this reputation for good reason! It offers the safest (and therefore most comfortable and reliable) Bar crossing between Brisbane and Gladstone. A stunning Bay with good protection from Fraser and Moreton Islands. All only an hour’s drive from Brisbane! So perfect a setting in fact, that Mooloolaba is now one of the few places in Australia, even the world, which offers swimming with the whales ( also referred to as snorkelling with the whales).

Our Vessel:

  • Crusader 1 is a very large, Super safe, ex-commercial vessel, completely refit for quality charter operations with passenger comfort foremost in mind.
  • Whale watching is conducted with a maximum of 23 passengers to ensure everyone always gets the perfect unobstructed view!
  • The vessel is completely setup up for whale watching operations with double the amount of seating needed for the passengers.
    • Set up for whale watching means zero non whale watching obstructions to get in your way!
    • Most of the seating is railside to get you close to the whales at every moment.
    • The bow is accessible and available for those special moments when the whales (and dolphins) swim around the vessel.
    • 2 toilets aboard means there is no waiting at all!
    • A large 3m centre table with seating allows you to enjoy the included refreshments in comfort.
  • At 55 foot, every passenger can get a comfortable, uncrowded railside view, even along a single side! Never be blocked out again!
Two large Humpback Whales playing alongside Crusader 1
Whale Watching on Crusader 1 in 2016

What to expect:

Sure, it’s always amazing when you get to see the whales. But if you want to be assured of more than just catching a glimpse over the top of 2 or more people in front of you then we are your solution! It’s often near impossible to get that rail-side position on many whale watching operations. And If you are on the wrong side of the boat when the whales show themselves you are often fighting over 100 other people to get to that side. If you can of course. It’s fully understandable that most boats are so heavily loaded with people. Most of these businesses make their living from that short 4 month period of time.

Sunshine Coast Afloat operates a very wide range of activities thus allowing us to keep passenger numbers to the bare minimum! Our entire focus and goal is to give our guests a truly intimate encounter with these gentle giants of the ocean. You will always able to take pictures or video without the heads of other people in the way.  Even follow the whales around the boat as they swim around under under us! If that sounds like the experience you are after then this is the Sunshine Coast whale watching tour  you are looking for! The luxury of no crowds. The ability to see the whales properly the way you imagined it should be!

A whale showing off and waving to Crusader 1 on a beautiful day on the Sunshine Coast

It’s all about getting out on the water and seeing – regardless if the whales want to come really up close or decide to stay a bit further away, the astonishing marine wildlife that makes this planet truly wondrous! Some of our most amazing moments, when time seemed like it stood still, were when something amazing was happening a couple of hundred meters from the boat. A mother calling her calf with massive tail slaps on the water. The calf totally oblivious, playing and learning to breach ahead of our vessel in Mooloolaba Bay. Truly a moment that was so spectacular, so emotional or so unexpected, that everyone aboard felt extremely privileged to be in the area! Every year whale watching creates new magic moments. Moments we would love to share with you!

A little about the whales:

A mother humpback slapping her tail to call her calf just off Mooloolaba

Humpback whales are not only beautiful but also playful and curious creatures. You will be in awe of the spectacular breaching, close encounters, magical songs and tail slapping. Seeing whales in the wild is always an amazing, awe-inspiring experience. We are all hoping for one of those “Super amazing” trips where the whales “Mug” the boat and often make it difficult for the boat to even leave the area. Our customers are, understandably, always waiting in anticipation for that something extra special. That moment or display that will instantly last in

their memories forever. You know, a so-called ‘bucket-list’ experience. And, more often than you would think, that’s exactly what happens. But, those amazing moments are so special for a reason. They don’t happen ALL the time. But whale watching is not just about the close-up special or magic moments.

Two whales playing together alongside Crusader 1 just off Mooloolaba

Each year more and more whales take part in the annual Whale migration up the East Coast of Australia. (to be fair they do travel up the West Coast also!). The numbers are now reaching levels where amazing whale encounters are becoming far more common place when compared with only a few years ago. Local whale watching companies such a Whale One have long had this market almost exclusively to themselves, and have done an amazing job in promoting the Sunshine Coast, and Mooloolaba in particular as a whale watching destination hot spot.

With the growing number of visitors to the Sunshine Coast, the number of operators is now also beginning to increase. New vessels and offerings are becoming more prevalent, and this can be linked directly to the increased number of whales and whale encounters. Sunshine Coast Afloat has taken a more niche approach to this large and growing market, with very personal select tours that offer the perfect blend of privacy, safety and professional knowledge. In fact, until recently Sunshine Coast Afloat had the only “High Speed” or “Extreme” Whale watching tour on offer!


Please note- This tour operates from Mid June to Mid October only! This tour runs for 3 hours!

We include food platters, non-alcoholic drinks and, if needed, use of binoculars as part of the tour.

Please note that no funds will be deducted until we have been able to also confirm the availability of the requested charter. This because other impacts such as phone and agent bookings, weather and other unforeseen things  could impact on the availability at the same time as you are requesting the charter online. Our Terms and conditions are available on this webpage ( Click here to view them now ) and will also be emailed to you as part of the booking confirmation.

The “BRIDGE SEAFOOD ” Pontoon (located at the rear of the restaurant),
109 Brisbane Road Mooloolaba Qld.

For a GPS use “Bridge Seafoods” or “109 Brisbane Road Mooloolaba Qld”. In iphone Maps “Bridge Seafoods” is far more accurate.

Please DO NOT park your car here on the service Road, but rather in the FREE public carpark next to the BP service station across the road. 

The location is the corner of Incana Court and Brisbane Road. This parking is free and unlimited in time, and only a 2 minute stroll (100m) from the departure point.

Once parked please wait near the top of the ramp until instructed by the skipper that it is safe to come down the ramp and board the vessel.



 Please arrive 20 to 30 minutes PRIOR to your noted departure time. We would hate for the tour to depart on time should you be late and we have not heard from you! Depending on the departure time you may need to ensure you have enough time to find a car park.
Please do not wait on the pontoon itself as the crew will be mooring the vessel on its arrival and we safety is paramount for all.


Once securely and safely moored, the crew will ask you to board the vessel. Make your way up towards the cabin, placing any bags in the locker seat that will be open and waiting.


We are heading out to sea so each and every person aboard must sign in on the ship register, and marked off by the crew. To this end see the skipper (at the cabin window) and he will indicate the passenger log for you to complete. Have a balance to pay for the day? This is where and when you do that part too.


Most tours have Coffee and tea provided aboard. Once the paperwork has been done for you, make yourself a coffee or tea (all waiting for you on the large table) and have a look about the boat to get comfortable. The Coffee and tea will be put away by the crew as we exit the river so make sure you have yours well before that!

Safety First

As required by maritime legislation, the crew will have to do a safety briefing before we hit the open ocean. Much like on a plane any time you fly, we do need your attention for the couple of minutes it takes. We all hope and expect the information we are providing never to be needed, but its always best to be forewarned and prepared.

Pushing off

One of the few times we need you to be seated, out of the way of lines and other items. Just until the crew have cleared them away and the skipper is heading forward.

Crossing the Bar

Recognised in maritime as one of the potentially more dangerous things that happens aboard a vessel, this is the 2nd time the crew will ask everyone to be seated. Once through (It only takes a minute or 2) the ocean conditions will take effect.

Searching for whales

We only really run our tours in the most active period of the whale season. Afterall we all want to be watching whales, not searching for them the entire time. Of course they are underwater for most of the time, and the Coral Sea is a large area. We ask all passengers to join in to keep an eye out for the distinctive “Blow” that is usually the first sign of whales.

First sighting!

The first of what will often be 2 or 3 different pods on the tour. The crew will provide information on the whale behavious and other relevant facts during the tour. We cannot get closer than 100m to the left or right of the pod, or 300m to the rear of front of them. Once we are in position the hope is that the animals natural curiosity will bring them to us!


All good things must come to an end. We try to keep the return trip as short as possible to give us as much time with the whales as possible. On average the return trip takes about 30 minutes all up. Make yourself comfortable on the lounges ort seats, or ask the skipper if you can sit on the bow of the vessel. In the right conditions you will often see dolphins swimming along with Crusader 1 in the bow wake.

Back home

Of course as we re-enter the bar, and during the mooring of the vessel, the crew will ask all passengers to be seated again for safety. Once moored securely back on the pontoon the crew will assist you to disembark the vessel.
Whale Watching  - Sunshine Coast Afloat
Whale Watching  - Sunshine Coast Afloat
Two large Humpback Whales playing alongside Crusader 1
Fishing Charter - Sunshine Coast Afloat
Whale watching image taken from aboard Crusader One of Sunshine Coast Afloat - AMAZING SHOT WITH 2 WHALES, ONE BREACHING!
Whale watching image taken from aboard Crusader One of Sunshine Coast Afloat - A WHALE BREACHING CLOSE TO THE SHORE OF ALEXANDRA HEADLANDS.
Whale watching image taken from aboard Crusader One of Sunshine Coast Afloat - 2 WHALE TAILS IN PERFECT SYNC.
Whale watching image taken from aboard Crusader One of Sunshine Coast Afloat - A WHALE BREACHING CLOSE TO THE BOAT.
Whale watching image taken from aboard Crusader One of Sunshine Coast Afloat - LOVELY SPYHOP BY THIS WHALE.
Whale watching image taken from aboard Crusader One of Sunshine Coast Afloat - A WHALE BREACHING JUST OFF MAROOCHYDORE.