Until next season!

Our #whale watching season has come to an end, and we have waved goodbye to the Whales for another season!

We would like thank everyone who has joined us on our tours this year, and hope it was a highlight for you.

As you know, we only operate in “Peak” season so we are cutting it off now and are grateful for all the wonderful experiences we have been able to share with our guests.  We had received the most wonderful testimonials and recommendations so hopefully we can have you back on board next year.

A big “Thank You” to all our passengers, our hard working crew and of course the thousands of whales who called past Crusader 1 to say hello or goodbye.

Wanting one last look at one of our trips: – https://youtu.be/2sccJdZR-88

We now look forward to being able to help you celebrate the year end with corporate Cruises, Christmas Cruises, Mooloolaba Christmas Light Canal Cruises and of course the big Boat Parade held on 22nd December.   If you are interested in any of these check out our cruises on www.sunshinecoastafloat.com.au or call Paddy on 0412 155 814 to find out more.



2018 Whale Watching Season

We are heading out on our last trip tomorrow to say goodbye to the Whales for this season.  We have had a sensational season, far exceeding our expectations and we’d like to thank everyone who has supported us in building our Whale Watching trips this year.

The fabulous reviews we have received reinforces to us that we are on the right track.  All of us here at Sunshine Coast Afloat have enjoyed being part of the Whale season this year and we are hoping to expand on our offerings next season.

Although we were not lucky enough to have seen Migaloo this year we have enjoyed spotting a number of whales with different but beautiful markings.

We have also been lucky enough to have had Humpbacks & High Rises Whale research volunteers on board this year and hoping to be able to assist next year.

Some of the highlights have been: –

  • Having so many International guests on board from countries all over the world like UK, Holland, Germany & our friendly neighbours – New Zealand.
  • Witnessing the amazing breaches, tail slapping and migration of the baby calf’s
  • We had our Dolphin friends around Crusader 1 which is always a nice thing to see
  • Having Chris on board who is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Humpback Whales.  He is looking forward to seeing you all again next season.
  • The photographs we have been able to get and receive from our guests are magnificent.

It’s back to Deep Sea Fishing for while now.  Spanner Crabbing is closing from 1st November until 15th December, 2018.  The closure time has been extended this year so we are hoping to see some good sized crabs when we return.

Before we know it, Christmas will be upon us and it will be all about Christmas Parties, Christmas Light Canal Cruises and of course the Mooloolaba Boat Parade which is on Saturday 22nd December, 2018.

If you would like to know more about any of our activities, just call Paddy on 0412 155 814 or visit our website – www.sunshinecoastafloat.com.au


Only 3 weeks left!

We are in or last few weeks of whale watching and now is the perfect time to head out to see the whales.  They are with their babies heading back South and putting on some spectacular shows for us all.  The other advantage of heading out now is that they are in close, so you are not spending a lot of time trying to find them.

Humpback whales are very acrobatic and often breach high out of the water, often twirling and then slapping the water as they came back down. Breaching is a very social behavior and can also help in communication, deter threats and also to loosen skin parasites. It only takes 2 beats of their tail to rear their massive bodies out of the water!

Here are some Whale facts you probably don’t know about: –

  • We are still not sure why Whales beach themselves
  • Threats –  Noise pollution,  Water pollution,  over fishing and collisions with boats
  • Australian humpback whales communicate further than any other whale on earth
  • Humpback whales communicate through song. Social sounds consist of two types of sound – vocal calls and surface behaviour
  • The Humpback whale songs evolve throughout the mating season.  The theme changes.  All the whales in a given group make the changes at the same time.

Jump onto our website to check out availability as seats are limited or call Paddy on 0412 155 814 to book.


It’s School holidays again – and it’s Spring.  A great time of year to pull out the cossie and get back into the water.  We have had some lovely Sunny days of late and hopefully it’s the start to what we can expect for Summer on the Sunshine Coast.

This time of the year it’s all about enjoying time with the kids out on the water.

Here at Sunshine Coast Afloat, we offer a range of marine activities but some that are more “Family Focused” are: –

Deep Sea Fishing & Spanner Crabbing  –  The 5 hour fishing trip is ideal for families.  It’s all about being out on the water, seeing the marine life – dolphins, whales, seeing how the Spanner Crabbing is done and taking part in that, throwing in a line and seeing how you go.

Whale Watching without the Crowds –  We only have a few more weeks left to enjoy seeing these beauties swim up and down our coastline.  Crusader 1 is our 55 ft. vessel but we only take a maximum of 23 passengers + 2 crew.  Our aim is to give you more of a personal experience with guaranteed rail side viewing, light refreshments, all non-alcoholic drinks and an informative trip all about Humpback Whales.

Our dedicated staff love giving you a memorable experience!

Check out our website www.sunshinecoastafloat.com.au or phone Paddy for a chat on 0412 155 814  –  Always happy to help.







We are now approaching peak time for Whale Watching – end of August on wards is premium time.  This is when we see much more interaction and antics.  They are usually in a lot closer as well so you get to spend more time with them.  That’s not to say that all whales want to “play” and put on a show for us so we do have to find some that are interested in us and Crusader 1.

Some more interesting Mating Habits of the Humpback Whale: –

  • Whales reach sexual maturity by the age of 7 – 8 but do not become sexually active until about 5 more years later.
  • They have calves every two or three years but some have calves every year.
  • Amazingly enough, Humpbacks don’t eat anything during the breeding season.
  • Humpback Whales are not monogamous – they have numerous partners during each breeding season.
  • Humpback Whales have never been observed mating but they have been seen engaged in affectionate and “seductive behaviour.
  • A males foreplay is blowing “bubbles that will rise beneath the genital of the female”
  • You can usually identify male humpback whales by their battle scars.  These are a result of fierce competition among males for ovulating females.
  • Female Humpback Whales normally get pregnant in the warm waters and return the following year to give birth.
  • Giving birth to their calf is usually done along the Eastern Australian coastline was the waters are warm and the calf would not survive the freezing waters of the Antarctic.
  • Once the female has given birth she can become immediately pregnant again.
  • About 80% of mother and calf pods have a male escort but for how long, we don’t know as the mother is usually lactating and not a potential mate at that stage.
  • The males are not interested in raising the young.
  • Females rarely interact with one another in the breeding area.
  • It is thought that the female chooses a particular male but we don’t know what attributed females prefer

Join us for a glimpse of these magnificent animals and learn more about their behaviour.

Call Paddy on 0412 155 814 or jump onto our website to book.



What a fantastic week of activity and weather.  A mixture of an 18 hour overnight fishing trip to the fun 5 hour corporate social club outings.  Throw in some Whale Watching and we even assisted the Coastrek event. (Wild Women on Top)  The weather last week was for nominal with beautiful sunny days and calm seas which always makes being out on the water magical.

Our New Zealand friends have been loving the fishing and we are certainly enjoying showcasing the Sunshine Coast fishing, coastline and conditions to them. Jason sent through this fabulous text after there trip last week: –

 “Thank you so much for yesterday Paddy.  Your staff were so friendly and helpful, everyone had a great time.   It has been the highlight of their trip so far and thanks for the rod and reel, that was so nice of you guys.” 

After ferrying the Coastrek participants from La Balsa Pontoon to The Public Boat Ramp in Mooloolaba on Friday, we headed out whale watching for the afternoon.  Had a lovely encounter with a few mum’s and calf’s.  The whales are starting to come in a lot closer now which is good as they are generally more playful and active.

Last weekend was all about fishing.  Corporate events and bucks parties followed by our big overnight trip.  We were lucky enough to have a company from Toowoomba on board on Saturday and his was kind enough to put up a google & Trip Advisor review.

“The staff were fantastic, they made the trip something to remember. It was a real pleasure to be on the water,  I would definitely recommend this charter for everyone.” – Michael

Our 18 hour, overnight trip was filled with all sorts – On the way out we were lucky enough to experience a pod of dolphins riding the waves and the bow of Crusader 1.  Enjoying a few drinks and nibbles while watching the sun set, a nice big feed of eye fillet steaks and a variety of other meats.  Breakfast was croissants, bacon, eggs, hash browns and anything else you want.

Some fabulous fish caught, but instead of rattling them off – watch the video: –  Enjoy.

If you would like to know more about our Fishing Charters, Whale Watching, Cruises – just call Paddy on 0412 155 814 or check out our website – www.sunshinecoastafloat.com.au

The Humpback Whale Migration is now in full swing along Australian Coastlines. We live in an age were we are lucky enough to see their numbers increasing by more than 10% per year.
Every season more and more people are able to experience the amazing sight of these wild and majestic creatures swimming in our protected waters.
More and more research is being done on Humpback Whale behaviour as well as the changes the climate is having on their patterns.
As we learn more about these fascinating mammals, we thought we would share some of the information we have learnt about Humpback Whales and the way they appear to communicate.

  • Humpback Whales produce the longest and most varied songs in the animal world.
  • Australian Humpback Whales communicate further (over greater distances) than any other whale on earth.
  • The “songs” are produced by moving air back and forth through body passages.
  • Only Male Humpbacks sing.
  • Each sequence normally lasts 10-15 minutes and can be repeated without a break, for hours.
  • The sequence is unique to that population – all the Humpbacks in the one area sing a “local” song.
  • Each year the songs evolve and are a little different but incorporated into the current sequence.
  • Many of the songs are at a very low frequency, out of our hearing range.
  • Some evidence suggests that the large whales create “infra sound”.
  • It is thought that singing maybe part of the breeding process.
  • Humpback Whales communicate through song but also social sounds which are vocal and through surface behaviour.
  • Surface behaviour includes breaching, fin slapping, lob-tailing and flipper slapping.
  • More than 34 different vocal sounds have been recorded.  From noises similar to a bird chirp to a snort, which is all amazing as they have no vocal cords.

Join us on one of our intimate Whale Watching experiences by booking online or phoning Paddy on 0412 155 814

The annual migration of the Humpback Whale is one of nature’s most amazing sights, and the Sunshine Coast is lucky to be a key destination on their route! Over the winter months, around 20,000 humpback whales undertake the 10,000km journey from the icey seas of Antarctica, to the warm tropical breeding grounds of sunny Queensland. The Sunshine Coast is quickly earning a reputation as one of Australia’s best whale watching destinations!



From late May, these giant visitors will begin to arrive in the Sunshine Coast’s waters, lured by the subtropical waters which make for a comfortable mating and birthing ground. Once the business is done, they’ll begin their journey back South from August to November, with their new babies in tow!

The best time for whale watching is during their mating season from July through to late October. This is when visitors to the Sunshine Coast will spot these magnificent creatures singing, fighting and performing acrobatics to the delight of whale watchers. Whilst some of this can be seen from the shore, nothing quite compares to getting up close to these animals on the sea.

Some tour operators commence whale watching trips as early as June, however Sunshine Coast Afloat prefers to wait a few weeks to ensure there are plenty of whales in our waters. This means you’ll spend less time whale seeking, and more time whale watching!



We are fortunate that the 2018 Term Two and Term Three school holidays land during the Sunshine Coast’s peak whale watching season. If the promise of golden beaches and sunny skies wasn’t enough to lure you to this piece of paradise, a whale watching experience with Sunshine Coast Afloat is guaranteed to be a holiday highlight for the entire family!



The Sunshine Coast has well earned its name, however Mother Nature isn’t always kind and has been known to lash us with occasional wild weather. The safety of our passengers is paramount, so from time to time, rough seas, high winds and heavy rain may result in tour cancellations. But don’t worry, unlike humans, the whales aren’t scared off by the rough seas. They’ll still be there tomorrow when the ocean is calm, and the sun is shining!

With the humpback whale’s population increasing each year, and more babies being born in the Queensland’s waters, there been an easier or more exciting time to go whale watching on the Sunshine Coast. Let Sunshine Coast Afloat take you on the experience of a lifetime!


We are about to start our Whale Watching Season as we have been seeing them in larger numbers now and in rather close, about half an hour out.  The baby whales have been quite active.

We offer two types of Whale Watching: –

  • Fast, Fun Whale watching trips in our fully enclosed Jet Boat.   This is not a thrill ride but a way to get out to the whales fast and in a fun way.  You are also close to sea level watching them.
    • This is a 2 hour trip – $ 120.00 per person
  • Cruise in comfort while Whale Watching, have plenty of room to move around, guaranteed rail side viewing, all non-alcoholic drinks and food included.
    • This is a 3 hour trip – $ 99.00 per person

Being a small family owned and operated company we strive to give our guests the best experience we can.

With only 10 people on Hela-Va Jet and 23 on Crusader 1, you can get full viewing of the whales no matter where they are in relation to the boats.

Don’t miss out on this fabulous experience this season : –

  • Personal interaction with crew
  • Small passenger numbers
  • Access to all areas of vessel
  • Everything included in the price
  • Rail side viewing – ready for that photo moment

Call Paddy to book – 0412 155 814

Sunshine Coast Afloat was the first tour operator across our stunning region to offer “extreme” whale watching. Our custom-built, turbo-charged speed boat will take you screaming across the water at speeds of up to 40 knots, to the local sites where our biggest aquatic visitors come to play!

Humpback Whales

The Humpback whales are visiting our waters in record numbers. With more than 10,000 set to grace our shores this winter this tour will bring you closer to these magnificent creatures than any other. In fact, Hela-Va jet will have you sitting so low and close to the water, you’ll almost feel like you’re swimming with them (but don’t worry, you won’t even get wet!).

The Humpback Whales are playful creatures and often treat awe-struck whale watchers to an impressive display of acrobatics as they play with their calves. So it’s not all speed and action, we’ll slow to a crawl and spend time soaking in the experience of viewing these animals in their home environment. Dolphins also seem to be attracted to our speedy boat and often cruise along with us!

This tour aboard Hela-Va Jet is the perfect balance of adrenalin and whale watching. With some wild spins, drifting turns and throttle-stomping straightaways, this unique and exciting experience is one you’ll be talking about for many years to come!

Whale watching tours operate from July – October.