Value for money means different things to different people. At Sunshine Coast Afloat we believe that value for money means that as a business we have to ensure we focus on every aspect of your experience to make sure that at the end you feel you have been given the very best in every aspect. That means our attention to detail has to be 2nd to none.

It begins from the moment you first make contact. Be it by phone, online, or even via an agent. You are the customer and you deserve to be treated properly from the start.

Taking you out on the water is not where it ends for us, its where it really begins. From the cleanliness and safety of the vessel, to the space you have to move about, to the gear you are provided to use if fishing, each of these areas are monitored closely. The quality of the bait is just as important as the quality of the food for you. Right down to how we keep that food cold, hot and fresh.

Your trip should be special, and that also means unique. It may be a daily occurrence for us but we completely recognise that this is not the case for you.  

At the end of the day our aim is to have you just as excited when you step off the boat as the moment you stepped aboard! We want you telling everyone about the great time you had. 

Thats a win win we all enjoy!