Everything We do at Sunshine Coast Afloat is done with you, the customer, first and foremost in mind. After All, if its not designed for you then why would you want to do it or even enjoy it?

It doesn’t matter what the activity is. It needs to be customer centric, not designed to make it easy for the crew, owners or business operation. Sure, that often makes things more complicated, but we are in the business of enjoyable experiences, not in that of easy operations! A point too often overlooked in modern society!

Key points we have been told by customers in all areas? COMFORT! ROOM TO MOVE! FUN, ATTENTIVE STAFF! QUALITY! and a clear PASSION for the business we are in!

These are the key areas we focus on with each and every activity. Space is not the norm for whale watching, but it is with us! We take a maximum of 23 passengers on any whale watching trip to ensure you ALWAYS have uninterrupted views!  We have upgraded the seating to super comfortable lounges, and made sure that you can be comfortable with a fully carpeted deck!! Room to move is a key part is a key factor in any cruise activity and we make sure that you will have that in spades!

Let us focus on you and the things important to your enjoyment so that you can just focus on having fun!