Scattering of Ashes - Sunshine Coast Afloat

The Scattering of Ashes at sea is a truly special and unique service offered by Sunshine Coast Afloat – a memorable and serene farewell while carrying out your loved ones’ wishes of having their ashes scattered upon the ocean.

Sunshine Coast Afloat’s vessel is ideally laid out to allow for an intimate ceremony and a truly heartfelt way to bid your loved ones farewell. We are also able to arrange a celebrant or Coast Guard official to provide a touching service and words of comfort and final prayer as the ashes of your loved one is released.

This time of the year is perfect for these services due to the clear blue days but also the abundance of marine life – in particular whales – visiting our waters and adding an extra special element to the journey.

All trips are tailor made to suit the location, time, how many people on board and if you wish to extend the trip and enjoy cruising the coastline and canals while family and friends are all together.

Sunshine Coast Afloat’s professional and experienced staff will cater to your every requirement to create a truly memorable and special send off for your loved one and conduct the ceremony based on your wishes.  We provide a quality service so you will enjoy that special day to celebrate the life of your loved one and make the day a memorable occasion.

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