The count down is on till the end of year and the “Silly Season” is not far away.

Looking for a “wind-down”, “some fun”, “chill time” or simply any excuse to P-A-R-T-Y?

Cruises for all occasions

We can help.  We structure our cruises around your needs and how many people you are catering for.

  • Have the boat to yourselves
  • Have a crew member look after your needs
  • Enjoy a few drinks
  • Throw on a BBQ
  • Have a swim
  • Bring your own music
  • Decorate the boat
  • BYO to fully catered – your choice
  • Drop off your stuff and we’ll chill it and clean up for you

How does it get any better than that?

Something that sounds interesting?  Saturdays are filling up fast – only two left till the end of the year.


Christmas Lights Canal Cruises

We are also going to offer Sunset Christmas Lights Canal Cruises this year.  This is a fabulous way to spend an evening.  bring the children out, listen to some Christmas Cheer and enjoy seeing all the light displays in the Mooloolaba Canals.

Paddy is always happy to assist but you can also check out options available on our website –

Crusader 1 can now offer a wider range of options for your cruises!

Coastline & Canal Cruises –  Head out into the Bay, up the coastline and into the Mooloolaba canals.  We take a maximum of 23 passengers on these trips.  Why not expand on this and maybe have a swim, or even put on a BBQ.  Make it a great fun time on the water.

River & Canal Cruises –  Cruise the still waters of the Mooloolah River and canals.  A maximum of 45 passengers on these trips.  Ideal for finger food and drinks.

Christmas Lights Cruises –  Both Crusader 1 and Hela-Va Jet will be doing Christmas Light crises throughout December this year.  The decorations are going up already so we are hoping everyone gets involved in the Christmas spirit.

We are not licensed so alcohol is on a BYO basis.

Food options are available – from BYO, we can cater for you or you have it catered yourself.

We try and adapt our cruises to suit your occasion.  Bring your own music and you can even decorate Crusader 1.

Head over to our Website to check out all the options now available or phone Paddy on – 0412 155 814 to have a chat.

Until next season!

Our #whale watching season has come to an end, and we have waved goodbye to the Whales for another season!

We would like thank everyone who has joined us on our tours this year, and hope it was a highlight for you.

As you know, we only operate in “Peak” season so we are cutting it off now and are grateful for all the wonderful experiences we have been able to share with our guests.  We had received the most wonderful testimonials and recommendations so hopefully we can have you back on board next year.

A big “Thank You” to all our passengers, our hard working crew and of course the thousands of whales who called past Crusader 1 to say hello or goodbye.

Wanting one last look at one of our trips: –

We now look forward to being able to help you celebrate the year end with corporate Cruises, Christmas Cruises, Mooloolaba Christmas Light Canal Cruises and of course the big Boat Parade held on 22nd December.   If you are interested in any of these check out our cruises on or call Paddy on 0412 155 814 to find out more.



Great to be back on the water!

It seems like it has been so long since we had been out fishing.  In fact it was over two weeks which is a long time when you rely on your weekends to survive.

After all the rain and winds, and boy, did we cop a lot in one hit!, we were hoping to see some turn around in activity with the fishing.  They say “Drought on land, drought at sea” and this was certainly starting to show that was the case.  Each trip out, it was a matter of – what can we expect today and getting grimmer each week.

We were lucky enough to have a Maxi Day – that’s a 12 Hour Deep Sea Fishing charter.  One for the keen fishermen.  So out we went, passed the Barwon Banks and beyond.  It was tough at times but by the end of the day we were throwing back Trevally.  Picked up a nice mixed bag but mainly Trevally on the day.


Sunday was a different storey.  A Full Day Charter – 9 hours, so much that much shorter than the Maxi Day but it was hard work.  Hardly any fish on board but had a few guys having a bit of a Christmas break up and they still enjoyed being out on the water, having a few beers, dropping a line in and being away from it all on land.  The BBQ lunch didn’t go astray either.  :)

If you are looking for a bit of an end of year break up – get away with the boys, give Paddy a call on 0412 155 814 and jump on board Crusader 1 for a few hours.

You can also book on line or simply check out our website –

Check out our other blogs to see what we have been up to.

EACH year, during the month of December only, the waterfront properties of Mooloolaba, Minyama, and Buddina create a wonderful Christmas lights spectacle. Competing for the prestigious prize of the best Christmas lights display, property owners along the water’s edge pull out all the stops, creating a magnificent sight which can only be truly experienced from the water.

You can now jump aboard Sunshine Coast’s Hela-Va Jet for a 90 minute cruise to enjoy the wonderful Christmas Lights decorating the waterfront properties along the Mooloolah River and canals.

Our smaller, more agile jet powered vessel lets us access the canals where larger boats cannot get. With no more than 12 passengers at any time, you will always enjoy total visibility of the lights.

This is a fun-filled trip the whole family will enjoy!

Christmas Lights Boat Parade

Be part of the Christmas Lights Boat Parade where up to 100 boats compete for the prize of Best Christmas Boat Light Display!  Sunshine Coast Afloat will be entering their Hela-Va Jet, and you can be aboard as we participate in this very exclusive parade. Only one such cruise and 12 seats a year! This trip last approximately 3 hours.

Light refreshments and non alcoholic drinks are included. Alcohol can be brought on a BYO basis, but no red wine sorry!


2018 Whale Watching Season

We are heading out on our last trip tomorrow to say goodbye to the Whales for this season.  We have had a sensational season, far exceeding our expectations and we’d like to thank everyone who has supported us in building our Whale Watching trips this year.

The fabulous reviews we have received reinforces to us that we are on the right track.  All of us here at Sunshine Coast Afloat have enjoyed being part of the Whale season this year and we are hoping to expand on our offerings next season.

Although we were not lucky enough to have seen Migaloo this year we have enjoyed spotting a number of whales with different but beautiful markings.

We have also been lucky enough to have had Humpbacks & High Rises Whale research volunteers on board this year and hoping to be able to assist next year.

Some of the highlights have been: –

  • Having so many International guests on board from countries all over the world like UK, Holland, Germany & our friendly neighbours – New Zealand.
  • Witnessing the amazing breaches, tail slapping and migration of the baby calf’s
  • We had our Dolphin friends around Crusader 1 which is always a nice thing to see
  • Having Chris on board who is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Humpback Whales.  He is looking forward to seeing you all again next season.
  • The photographs we have been able to get and receive from our guests are magnificent.

It’s back to Deep Sea Fishing for while now.  Spanner Crabbing is closing from 1st November until 15th December, 2018.  The closure time has been extended this year so we are hoping to see some good sized crabs when we return.

Before we know it, Christmas will be upon us and it will be all about Christmas Parties, Christmas Light Canal Cruises and of course the Mooloolaba Boat Parade which is on Saturday 22nd December, 2018.

If you would like to know more about any of our activities, just call Paddy on 0412 155 814 or visit our website –


Only 3 weeks left!

We are in or last few weeks of whale watching and now is the perfect time to head out to see the whales.  They are with their babies heading back South and putting on some spectacular shows for us all.  The other advantage of heading out now is that they are in close, so you are not spending a lot of time trying to find them.

Humpback whales are very acrobatic and often breach high out of the water, often twirling and then slapping the water as they came back down. Breaching is a very social behavior and can also help in communication, deter threats and also to loosen skin parasites. It only takes 2 beats of their tail to rear their massive bodies out of the water!

Here are some Whale facts you probably don’t know about: –

  • We are still not sure why Whales beach themselves
  • Threats –  Noise pollution,  Water pollution,  over fishing and collisions with boats
  • Australian humpback whales communicate further than any other whale on earth
  • Humpback whales communicate through song. Social sounds consist of two types of sound – vocal calls and surface behaviour
  • The Humpback whale songs evolve throughout the mating season.  The theme changes.  All the whales in a given group make the changes at the same time.

Jump onto our website to check out availability as seats are limited or call Paddy on 0412 155 814 to book.


It’s School holidays again – and it’s Spring.  A great time of year to pull out the cossie and get back into the water.  We have had some lovely Sunny days of late and hopefully it’s the start to what we can expect for Summer on the Sunshine Coast.

This time of the year it’s all about enjoying time with the kids out on the water.

Here at Sunshine Coast Afloat, we offer a range of marine activities but some that are more “Family Focused” are: –

Deep Sea Fishing & Spanner Crabbing  –  The 5 hour fishing trip is ideal for families.  It’s all about being out on the water, seeing the marine life – dolphins, whales, seeing how the Spanner Crabbing is done and taking part in that, throwing in a line and seeing how you go.

Whale Watching without the Crowds –  We only have a few more weeks left to enjoy seeing these beauties swim up and down our coastline.  Crusader 1 is our 55 ft. vessel but we only take a maximum of 23 passengers + 2 crew.  Our aim is to give you more of a personal experience with guaranteed rail side viewing, light refreshments, all non-alcoholic drinks and an informative trip all about Humpback Whales.

Our dedicated staff love giving you a memorable experience!

Check out our website or phone Paddy for a chat on 0412 155 814  –  Always happy to help.







The Scattering of Ashes at sea is a truly special and unique service offered by Sunshine Coast Afloat – a memorable and serene farewell while carrying out your loved ones’ wishes of having their ashes scattered upon the ocean.

Sunshine Coast Afloat’s vessel is ideally laid out to allow for an intimate ceremony and a truly heartfelt way to bid your loved ones farewell. We are also able to arrange a celebrant or Coast Guard official to provide a touching service and words of comfort and final prayer as the ashes of your loved one is released.

This time of the year is perfect for these services due to the clear blue days but also the abundance of marine life – in particular whales – visiting our waters and adding an extra special element to the journey.

All trips are tailor made to suit the location, time, how many people on board and if you wish to extend the trip and enjoy cruising the coastline and canals while family and friends are all together.

Sunshine Coast Afloat’s professional and experienced staff will cater to your every requirement to create a truly memorable and special send off for your loved one and conduct the ceremony based on your wishes.  We provide a quality service so you will enjoy that special day to celebrate the life of your loved one and make the day a memorable occasion.

If you would like to know more – head over to our website  or call Paddy on 0412 155 814



Summer is around the corner and so is Christmas! That means Fun, Parties, Drinks, Friends and loving life!

And we here at Sunshine Coast Afloat enjoy creating these moments for you.


Sunshine Coast Afloat is happy to host your hens and buck party celebrations! Escape the land for a few hours and jump aboard our large open deck vessel with full walk around access for uninterrupted fun and mingling! With catering options from fully BYO to a private chef on board, and complete flexibility with times and days, we’ll work with you to ensure your party comes to life!


Who doesn’t like a Party and the lead up to Christmas is the perfect excuse to jump on a boat, take a cruise and have a few drinks with friends.  We can even tailor the cruise to suit your needs.  Head out into the Mooloolaba Bay, cruise the coastline or simply stay in the canals.  Decorate Crusader 1 and get into the festive spirit.


Got a big birthday coming up and looking for something a little more special? Sunshine Coast Afloat’s private charters are the perfect option to host your next celebration!

What could be better than relaxing aboard our spacious vessel with a drink in hand, breath-taking scenery, and surrounded by up to 45 of your nearest and dearest?! A Birthday celebration to remember.

Check out the array of options we offer on our website – or simply phone Paddy on 0412 155 814 to discuss your requirements.Our experienced and accommodating staff will work to your requirements – from fully catered to BYO. Let Sunshine Coast Afloat take the stress away and create a fun celebration out on the water