Are there any restrictions I need to be aware of on your boat?

Unfortunately, YES. All marine operators are strictly controlled by various government bodies (AMSA, MSQ, liquor licensing to name a few) and this all impacts on what we can and cannot do, as well as what we are able to offer and how we are able to operate.

Of course, the safety of you, our customer is paramount. Of nearly as much importance, is the safety of our crew and our vessel.

We are of course fully licensed which means we have the liquor licensing regulations to adhere to.

In addition, since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic we have also been given certain requirements and restrictions by Qld Health.

And finally, we have a number of rules and regulations we as a business have implemented to ensure we are able to operate as safely and effectively as possible.

To ensure everything operates smoothly, correctly and in-keeping with these regulations, some parts must relate back to our customers.

This may all sound daunting, but many areas overlap, and most are really rather common sense.

Here are the main areas you need to be aware of when booking with us;

1. CHECK IN. You MUST check in prior to boarding. You will be able to do this via the link that will be sent to you with your final confirmation the evening prior, or on the day by using the QR code here at our office. We STRONGLY recommend you check in prior via the link as we would hate to see any delays created by check-in issues on departure. Our skipper will be provided with the complete list of names for everyone aboard – in accordance with AMSA rules and regulations – So, we will know if anyone has not checked in. Our check-in details cover us for not only AMSA, Qld health and the Qld liquor licensing requirements, but also operate as our liability and indemnity waiver and our customer database collection.


no BYO alcohol explanatory sign

We are fully licenced. As such we do not allow any BYO. We reserve the right to check your bags, eskys and any other items you might have with you to ensure this is adhered to. The NO BYO relates to any drink, including non-alcoholic drinks.


We strongly recommend you arrive in easy to remove shoes on all trips. Please note that we DO NOT ALLOW ANY SHOES.  Refusal to cooperate with this (or any rule aboard) will cause the trip to be terminated.

4. FOOD. The Covid-19 pandemic has created a new world for everyone, and we are no exception. In addition to the rising costs, the regulations surrounding supply of food has forced us to stop supply in almost all cases. As such ALL FOOD is now on a BYO basis. That means you can bring aboard a snack or lunch pack. Of, if you are hiring the entire vessel for your group you can use a catering company or chef to do the food for you. We do, for those groups have hired the entire vessel, have the option of a (high quality custom-made stainless-steel marine) BBQ that can be hired, should you wish to take a bit more control yourself of the food side. This must be arranged in advance of course.


Crusader 1 is a non-smoking vessel. This is another change brought on by the tightening of restrictions with both the Covid-19 health regulations as well as the restrictions placed upon a licensed premises. We may consider exceptions for vaping on private cruise bookings, but this must be discussed prior to booking.

6. PARTY CRUISE CONSIDERATIONS. We reserve the right to request a $500.00 security deposit for any boat booking that is, in our opinion, a party cruise that could cause damage to our vessel. Bucks Parties, Hens parties, 18 to 21st birthday parties and Corporate Christmas parties are prime examples of groups that will have this imposed upon them. The $500.00 can be paid in cash on the day, and will be refunded at the conclusion of the trip, provided no damage was caused of course. We fully understand the impact this fee can have on the ability of groups to make a booking, but the demonstrated result of the fee has shown us that it almost completely removes all incidents from occurring. 

7. DECORATIONS. This includes “staging” for events such as weddings and other celebrations.. All decorating of the vessel must be pre-arranged at the time of booking. Other bookings before or after yours may stop this being possible timewise otherwise. Any decorations used must be put in place in such a manner that no damage or marks are made to the vessel. (Blu-tack is usually the best option for using).  Latex balloons, confetti and coloured paper ribbons are NOT PERMITTED. Please keep in mind that Crusader 1 is an “OPEN DECK” vessel and as such is subject to the possible winds on the day. We have clears that can be used to reduce this, but it does take away from the feeling of open-air cruising that we are so renowned for. You, the customer, are solely responsible to removing all decorations and disposing of them at the end of the cruise. We allow for a maximum of 15 minutes to prepare the vessel with decorations. If you need more time (especially when using a staging company) you need to ensure you book in such time to enable the setup and removal of the items. Please do this at the time of making the booking.

8. PASSENGER BEHAVIOUR. This is a point we really should not have to make but…. Obviously good, safe behaviour is expected and required. Any passengers not adhering to the crew’s directions regarding the following behaviour will be reported to the Qld water police as well as AMSA and MSQ. In extreme cases we may request the police be in attendance upon the return of our vessel to the dock. The following items are examples of behaviour that will not be tolerated;

    • Use of illegal drugs
    • Excessive alcohol consumption
    • Aggression of any kind towards anyone aboard.
    • Actions that create damage to the vessel.
    • Standing on the handrails or gunwale tops
    • Standing on the seating.
    • Jumping off the vessel.
    • Throwing anything from the vessel.
    • Urinating over the side of the vessel.
    • Yelling a people ashore.
    • The bringing aboard of dangerous goods such as knives, guns, explosives, volatile liquids etc. is strictly forbidden.

9. WHEEL CHAIR ACCESS. As much as we would LOVE to be fully wheelchair accessible and friendly, we are not. We do have ramps from our office all the way to our boat, but not all comply with the regulations that are attached to being wheelchair friendly (and tides can make this even more difficult). Our vessel entry point tends to be just a little too narrow for most wheelchairs to fit through as well. And finally, our onboard toilets are simply too tight and small to be “handicapped friendly”. If you think you might still be able to be aboard, but want to have a look to be sure, feel free to contact us and arrange a time to come and have a look at Crusader 1 to see if that is indeed the case.

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