What happens if it’s raining and windy?

Weather can impact a fishing charter in many ways. We can, and often do, head out in the rain and wind on some of our activities. After all, we’re going on adventures! However, if the weather makes for unsafe or very uncomfortable conditions, for any reason, the trip will be changed or postponed.

Rain is seldom an issue, but wind often creates swell, which will combine to unsuitable and unsafe conditions at sea.

You will be notified the day before your trip if there are changes due to weather. As much as we would like to give more notice, marine weather is fickle at best, and forecasts change on a daily (sometime hourly) basis. You can always keep an eye on the forecasts weather on the Sunshine Coast Seabreeze weather page.

Weather has other impacts as well. It can change the location we go fishing for instance. For instance, we may have hoped to fish the Barwon Banks System on a particular day (The most popular reef system we use on 9hr and longer trips), but as we head out find that the swell, wind, rain or a combination of any of those, makes that impossible. The skipper will make a call at the time on alternative locations, or in the worst case to turn around and cancel the trip altogether. And of course sometimes the conditions change or worsen unexpectedly. This may cause a trip to be shortened for safety reasons. These situations are rare, but can and do happen when the BOM gets the forecasts wrong.

Fishing different locations than those originally planned – brought on by weather conditions or other reasons – is NOT a reason for a refund. If the trip turns around without any fishing happening you will be given the choice of an alternative trip or a refund. If the trip is shortened by 20% or more, we will be happy to discuss a suitable discount on another trip to offset this unfortunate occurrence. Unfortunately, as our costs do not change regardless of the shortening of the trip in this sort of situation, we cannot offer refunds or discounts for trips shortened less than 20% though conditions or situations that are out of our control.

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