Oops, I left a bit too late or got stuck in traffic so am running late. What happens?

Running late is by far the most awkward situation for both you our customer and ourselves. It puts both parties in a very difficult position.

All our tours are based on a combination of viability and availability. As we take smaller passenger numbers than many other tours (especially whale watching and cruises) we are immediately more affected by cancellations regardless of the reasons. Hence our minimum notice periods for a cancelation. Experience has taught us that these periods are the absolute minimum amount of time it is possible to still replace your booking with another guest. Missing the departure or running late (very late) negates ALL chances of us replacing you aboard with others. As such we have no other recourse than to have the booking stand as if you had indeed made it aboard.

We are often asked if we cannot simply put you onto a later tour, but this actually doubles the cost to us as not only have we then missed out on the funds for the original tour you had booked (potentially turning that trip to a position of it not being viable) but we then take away the option of having other paying guests on the tour you can make.

Obviously we always aim to give ALL our guests the best possible experience and value. If we can we will try to assist with a discounted replacement tour, if we have spaces on a suitable alternative.

All in all it is clearly best to give yourself extra time if you do have some distance to travel to avoid running late. We can assist with accommodation options if you feel that the chance of missing the trip due to a lengthy travel is a possibility.

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