Why do you not accept cancellations in December?

The last week of November and all of December is a key holiday period, and most bookings are made well ahead of time. This as people are trying to make sure they are fully organised for their Christmas holidays. This can make it very difficult for us to replace a booking as most people will already have made their plans by the time the we get to the last week of November.

This doesn’t mean we cannot try to assist. We are more than happy to try and replace the booking, and if successful can then in turn provide a refund, be it in full or a partial refund, depending on what we have been able to achieve will regards to a replacement booking. To proceed on this basis we will need a confirmation that you wish to proceed and understand the potential implications if we are unable to secure a replacement booking. We cannot start promoting a cancellation if there is still the chance you might decide to proceed after all.

Please understand that a cancellation is a stressful thing to go through for all parties involved. We will do our best to ensure the best chance of a good outcome for all, but have no way of guaranteeing this will indeed be possible.

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Jerry van Driel-Vis