Great to be back on the water!

It seems like it has been so long since we had been out fishing.  In fact it was over two weeks which is a long time when you rely on your weekends to survive.

After all the rain and winds, and boy, did we cop a lot in one hit!, we were hoping to see some turn around in activity with the fishing.  They say “Drought on land, drought at sea” and this was certainly starting to show that was the case.  Each trip out, it was a matter of – what can we expect today and getting grimmer each week.

We were lucky enough to have a Maxi Day – that’s a 12 Hour Deep Sea Fishing charter.  One for the keen fishermen.  So out we went, passed the Barwon Banks and beyond.  It was tough at times but by the end of the day we were throwing back Trevally.  Picked up a nice mixed bag but mainly Trevally on the day.


Sunday was a different storey.  A Full Day Charter – 9 hours, so much that much shorter than the Maxi Day but it was hard work.  Hardly any fish on board but had a few guys having a bit of a Christmas break up and they still enjoyed being out on the water, having a few beers, dropping a line in and being away from it all on land.  The BBQ lunch didn’t go astray either.  :)

If you are looking for a bit of an end of year break up – get away with the boys, give Paddy a call on 0412 155 814 and jump on board Crusader 1 for a few hours.

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