Scattering of Ashes in Whale season
Ashes Scattering at Sea

Scattering Ashes in Whale season

Some people so enjoy cruising, fishing, surfing, swimming or walking the beach that it seems a fitting end to their life to scatter their ashes at sea. This is possible on the Sunshine Coast with a customised ceremony of your creation.


After cremation, many store the ashes of their loved ones in urns, however there are many other creative possibilities including jewellery, tattoos, fireworks and coral reefs.

Because scattering does not have one simple meaning, you can do much more than simply “let go”. You can also hold on and remember the love and life that you shared together. Really celebrate the life of a loved one.

Scattering the ashes of a loved can be a deeply emotional experience. Making you feel closer to the deceased because you are doing something so personal and meaningful.  Knowing you are fulfilling a loved one’s last wish helps deal with the loss of that person.  It can strengthen the emotional bond.

If considering scattering of ashes at sea, there are a variety of containers that are made specifically for this purpose. Some are designed to sink and slowly dissolve to disperse the ashes while others float before slowly sinking to the seabed. Crematoriums and funeral homes can provide both options.

In Australia, scattering ashes are allowed and do not require a permit or licence. It simply requires the permission of the vessel which Sunshine Coast Afloat can accommodate. Crusader 1 can accommodate up to 23 passengers and be as intimate or personal as the ceremony requires. It can be fully customised to allow for a loving and memorable farewell from family and friends.

If contemplating scattering ashes, there is no better time than to be out at sea when the whales are around.  What better way to be “one with nature” than to be part of the whale migration.

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