YES –  Here at Sunshine Coast Afloat we do school excursions for High School Students.  Marine Studies and Recreational Studies students gain benefit from these trips.  The trips usually incorporate a 5 hour deep sea fishing & Spanner Crabbing charter, followed by some lunch from the fish shops in Mooloolaba where they get the fish straight from the Trawlers.  We then take a walk along the dock to view some trawlers and a quick look inside the Tuna Factory.

These trips can be adapted to cruises if fishing is not the key component.

Our tours are based around what the students are studying at the time.  If it’s sustainability, we can talk to them about how Mooloolaba was a thriving hub, what happened, the impacts and how things have changed to now.  The current relationship between fisheries and the trawling industry and how they work together.  If the subject is more about boat licensing, rules and regulations – we can talk about what is required for different levels of licensing – Commercial and or Recreational.

This is an early morning start but exciting day out for students and teachers.  Hand on and certainly not the normal type of field trip.  This time of the year is also perfect to be out on the water as we generally see Whales and Dolphins on our venture along with a cheeky turtle that is trying to eat our Spanner Crabs.



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