Only 3 weeks left!

We are in or last few weeks of whale watching and now is the perfect time to head out to see the whales.  They are with their babies heading back South and putting on some spectacular shows for us all.  The other advantage of heading out now is that they are in close, so you are not spending a lot of time trying to find them.

Humpback whales are very acrobatic and often breach high out of the water, often twirling and then slapping the water as they came back down. Breaching is a very social behavior and can also help in communication, deter threats and also to loosen skin parasites. It only takes 2 beats of their tail to rear their massive bodies out of the water!

Here are some Whale facts you probably don’t know about: –

  • We are still not sure why Whales beach themselves
  • Threats –  Noise pollution,  Water pollution,  over fishing and collisions with boats
  • Australian humpback whales communicate further than any other whale on earth
  • Humpback whales communicate through song. Social sounds consist of two types of sound – vocal calls and surface behaviour
  • The Humpback whale songs evolve throughout the mating season.  The theme changes.  All the whales in a given group make the changes at the same time.

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