The start of our 2023 Humpback Whale Watching season was been quite different to past years where, at this time of the year, we usually see quite a lot of bulls making their way north and in a hurry.

This year we have seen so many Mum’s and calf’s, and some only a few days old.

They still seem to be travelling north but we are not sure how far they will continue their journey.  Possibly to Hervey Bay.

Watching a mother and it’s baby that is so young that the mother has to continually

lift it’s head up so it breaths is such a special moment.  The devotion of a mother.

The mother is usually rather still & quiet in these moments either feeding or assisting the baby.  This is called logging as they look like a log in the water.

Whales are voluntary breathers and cannot sleep as we do. Scientists believe they rest part of their brains through logging while the active portion of their brain keeps them aware of the environment.