Can I bring kids on board?

You sure can!

Crusader 1 is child friendly and we love having families on board.  Seeing the children’s faces light up when they see the whales makes for a much more memorable trip.

Whale watching is one of the most exciting and memorable occasions for kids and adults alike! Spotting the marvellous giant humpback whale in its natural habitat and watching as it brings nearly its entire body out of the water, then breaches with an epic splash is a sight you won’t forget.

If you have your own child life jacket, you are welcome to bring that on board.  If you wish your child to wear a life jacket, please advise our staff when you arrive or prior so we can have it ready for you.  If they haven’t worn one before, it might be a good idea to discuss what they are and why we wear them.

Ensure you dress your child comfortably and pack a jacket. The breeze can be a little cool when you are at sea! Catering is available on board but you are welcome to bring any other food on board..

All children must be looked after by the adults in your group.



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