I did not see any whales on my whale watching trip. Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately the answer is no.

Refunds are available only in instances where the trip has not proceeded or where a customer has had to cancel their booking and provided sufficient written notice to Sunshine Coast Afloat.  A trip that has not sighted whales ( rare but it does happen) is not eligible for a refund under any circumstance. Our goal is alway to give our customers the best opportunity to see whales in their natural environment, but the time of season, weather (both in the days before and after a trip) and lady luck all play their part in the success of each and every outing.

We are not heading out to a controlled environment to see trained animals. We are heading out into their natural habitat and have to understand that what the whales did yesterday or last week may be very different from what the whales that are about at the time of your trip will without doubt be very different.

We limit our season, a late start and early finish, to give our customers the best chance possible to see whales. But there are simply days where they spend so much time submerged that you do not get to see them. Luckily these days are the exception rather than the rule. And if possible we will often offer some form of discount or free 2nd trip. But this offer remains at Sunshine Coast Afloat’s dissection.

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