What do I need to bring on my trip?

There really is not much you need to bring. It’s more about what you do not bring.

We do suggest you bring appropriate clothing to fit the activity and season (See “what should I wear” in these FAQ questions) and in some instances a day pack to carry any special dietary requirements you may have.

2 key things are NO BLACK SOLES SHOES and, if at all possible, NO STILETTO SHOES. Why? Black soled shoes can create marks that are near impossible to remove from a boats deck (and sides). Stiletto heels create severe damage to boat decks and just as importantly are a real danger to the wearer on a boat as its a moving platform at the best of times. Heel protectors can be used (we offer these on taking a $5.00 refundable security) but although this protects our boat it does not remove the potential for injury to the wearer.

For any trips/tours over 3 hours in length we recommend you have a snack or lunch pack with you. We do not provide food on our trips unless its specifically noted – as in a tea and scones trip.

We will supply icey cold water on all trips, soft drinks on Fishing trips, and of course on almost every trip you can purchase drinks from our onboard bar (Fishing trips in particular will have a more limited range – cans only – due to the potential impact of the sea on other forms of drinks).

Further recommendations will be communicated to you via text prior to your trip.

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