We are about to start our Whale Watching Season as we have been seeing them in larger numbers now and in rather close, about half an hour out.  The baby whales have been quite active.

We offer two types of Whale Watching: –

  • Fast, Fun Whale watching trips in our fully enclosed Jet Boat.   This is not a thrill ride but a way to get out to the whales fast and in a fun way.  You are also close to sea level watching them.
    • This is a 2 hour trip – $ 120.00 per person
  • Cruise in comfort while Whale Watching, have plenty of room to move around, guaranteed rail side viewing, all non-alcoholic drinks and food included.
    • This is a 3 hour trip – $ 99.00 per person

Being a small family owned and operated company we strive to give our guests the best experience we can.

With only 10 people on Hela-Va Jet and 23 on Crusader 1, you can get full viewing of the whales no matter where they are in relation to the boats.

Don’t miss out on this fabulous experience this season : –

  • Personal interaction with crew
  • Small passenger numbers
  • Access to all areas of vessel
  • Everything included in the price
  • Rail side viewing – ready for that photo moment

Call Paddy to book – 0412 155 814

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