How can I be sure my booking is secured?

Sunshine Coast Afloat has a very strict procedure that is followed with every booking, regardless of how is is generated – Be it by agent, online, phone or in person.

1. We create a customer record for each actual booking (different from any enquiries). This will have your contact details including email address, as well as method and amount of payment etc noted on it.

2. This system subsequently ensures that you will always receive a confirmation email, which will give you the full details of the trip you have booked including departure time, date, directions, amounts paid / due and other relevant information relating to your charter.

3. We will always contact you the evening (usually between 4PM and 6PM) prior to the trip to advise that the charter is indeed proceeding, or that the trip needs to be rescheduled. This is why we always request a contact phone number (ideally a mobile) to ensure we can indeed contact you. This contact is normally via both an email and an SMS to the mobile phone number you have provided, and it will give you not only the confirmation of the trip but also directions and times again. Should the tour be cancelled, we will phone you personally to enable us to work with you to find the best solution in such cases.

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