What are the key elements I need to be aware of regarding your gift vouchers?

As with all companies offering gift vouchers, there are a number of areas that differ for a direct purchase.


At no time are refunds for gift vouchers available. This is done for multiple reasons, but the main issue being that a gift vouchers has in almost every case been purchased by a different party/person than the person to whom the voucher has been provided. As such a refund would be to a different person than who had actually paid for the voucher. Experience has also indicated that refund requests are in most cases received due to the person not making use of the voucher within the lifespan of the gift voucher. Again this is not a valid reason for a refund.


At times vouchers provided to a person may be for charters that are not available at the time of the voucher recipient wishing to make use of the voucher. This happens most commonly for less common or popular activities. To avoid this issue we highly recommend booking well in advance where possible. This will allow us to start and build the required activity to provide the best chance of being able to proceed as desired. In cases where this is not possible, Sunshine Coast Afloat will offer alternative solutions and options to best accommodate the voucher recipient. This may include a slightly different duration or departure time to match the voucher as closely as possible. In cases where such activities have a higher cost attached the difference will be payable on the day of the departure.


All gift vouchers have an expiry date clearly marked on them. Booking requests AFTER the voucher expiry date will not be accepted unless special circumstances have made it impossible for the voucher recipient to have used the voucher within its validity period. Sunshine Coast Afloat reserves the right to determine what exactly constitutes such special circumstances on a case by case situation. Sunshine Coast Afloat reserves the right to offer any such case an alternative. This is normally done by discussion and multiple offers where possible. If such alternatives are considered unsuitable by the voucher recipient, the voucher will be again deemed expired and no longer able to be used. If an alternative offer has been accepted by the voucher recipient and weather or guest/passenger numbers prevent the alternative activity from proceeding, Sunshine Coast Afloat may at their discretion offer another alternative or alternatives. If such alternative(s) are considered unsuitable by the voucher recipient, the voucher will be again deemed expired and no longer able to be used. Please note that Sunshine Coast Afloat will work with voucher recipients to the best of their abilities to enable the recipient to make use of their gift voucher. TO enable this cooperation and understanding from the voucher recipient is essential.

Prior to purchasing a gift Voucher we highly recommend you read the terms and conditions on this site to avoid misunderstandings.

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