Some of the fantastic things to do on the Sunshine Coast

Make your Sunshine Coast Holidays even more fun!

If you are visiting the Sunshine Coast for a holiday, or maybe you have family and friends visiting. To see and show the Sunshine Coast at it’s best, you need to check out some of the fun marine activities we have on offer. Whether you are after something relaxing, fun, adrenaline pumping, romantic, family orientated, by yourself or with a group,  we have something that will suit all occasions.

Whale Watching

We can offer you two types of Whale Watching.  Some fast, fun action getting out to the whales quicker but no need for bulky life jackets and you don’t get wet!  Hela-Va Jet is one of only 3 in Australia. A very unique machine.  We open the doors as we get closer to the whales so you can enjoy being close to the water and amongst it all.

Our other vessel – Crusader 1 is a 3 hour cruise on our 55 ft vessel.  Enjoy the open deck where you can move around easily and have a rail side view at all times – ready for that photo moment.  We only take a maximum of 22 passengers – so no crowds!

For more information on our very special whale watching tours have a read HERE.

Deep Sea Fishing

We offer Deep Sea fishing and Spanner Crabbing charters ranging from 5 hrs – 18 hour over-night trips.    These trips are great for the family, individuals or groups.  This time of the year there is lots to see out on the water – Dolphins, Turtles, Whales along with the Spanner Crabs and fish.

Ocean Jet Boating

Enjoy the thrill of a roller coaster on the water but you don’t get wet.  This ride includes all the usual tricks and turn you would experience on a calm water jet boat ride but you are out in the ocean to enjoy the coastline.  If there is swell we will even ride the waves.  You don’t get wet nor do you have to wear life jackets so it’s about sitting back enjoying the music and thrills.

Guided Kayak Fishing Tours

Another great adventure for the family.  Our guide will take you up in amongst the estuaries where boats can’t get to and teach you about kayak fishing, or simply enjoy being out on the water with the family.  The tours are great if the swell is too high in the ocean.

Romantic or fun Cruises for Two or more

We offer various types fo cruises from private two person trips complete with a picnic all all conducted in our beautiful waterways, to group cruises for up to 23 of your closest friends and family.  Check out our Facebook page for the latest trips we have done to get an idea.  All our cruises are adapted to completely suit your needs. All you need do is select your cruise, a picnic and swim – we can assist with your request.

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