Overnight Fishing Trip cancelled –  Of all the times for the weather and play havoc, it was that one night.  All the planning and excitement of heading out overnight again, gone.  The winds came in fast and furious but didn’t hang around which was good so we managed to get a small 5 Hour trip out on Saturday afternoon.

Typical of the 5 Hour charter, a bit quiet but Shalmaine pick up a nice Amber Jack which I’m sure she’d be happy with.

Sunday, we headed out to the Barwon Banks on a Full Day of fishing.  Matt bought on a group of guys which were great company.  South Easterlies crated a bit of chop which the few that didn’t take their motion tablets felt but some great fishing on the day.  Lost a couple of big fish.  A few good long hard fights to bring them in but lost them.  That Cobia that got away is one of those fish that will be spoken about for ages.  :)

All in all, a good weekend of fishing.  This week is looking awesome from a weather perspective.  We have a couple of trips this week with a few spots available and with such nice conditions this is definitely the time to be out on the water.  Grab the added bonus of seeing the Humpback Whales!

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