It’s School holidays again – and it’s Spring.  A great time of year to pull out the cossie and get back into the water.  We have had some lovely Sunny days of late and hopefully it’s the start to what we can expect for Summer on the Sunshine Coast.

This time of the year it’s all about enjoying time with the kids out on the water.

Here at Sunshine Coast Afloat, we offer a range of marine activities but some that are more “Family Focused” are: –

Deep Sea Fishing & Spanner Crabbing  –  The 5 hour fishing trip is ideal for families.  It’s all about being out on the water, seeing the marine life – dolphins, whales, seeing how the Spanner Crabbing is done and taking part in that, throwing in a line and seeing how you go.

Whale Watching without the Crowds –  We only have a few more weeks left to enjoy seeing these beauties swim up and down our coastline.  Crusader 1 is our 55 ft. vessel but we only take a maximum of 23 passengers + 2 crew.  Our aim is to give you more of a personal experience with guaranteed rail side viewing, light refreshments, all non-alcoholic drinks and an informative trip all about Humpback Whales.

Our dedicated staff love giving you a memorable experience!

Check out our website or phone Paddy for a chat on 0412 155 814  –  Always happy to help.







The Scattering of Ashes at sea is a truly special and unique service offered by Sunshine Coast Afloat – a memorable and serene farewell while carrying out your loved ones’ wishes of having their ashes scattered upon the ocean.

Sunshine Coast Afloat’s vessel is ideally laid out to allow for an intimate ceremony and a truly heartfelt way to bid your loved ones farewell. We are also able to arrange a celebrant or Coast Guard official to provide a touching service and words of comfort and final prayer as the ashes of your loved one is released.

This time of the year is perfect for these services due to the clear blue days but also the abundance of marine life – in particular whales – visiting our waters and adding an extra special element to the journey.

All trips are tailor made to suit the location, time, how many people on board and if you wish to extend the trip and enjoy cruising the coastline and canals while family and friends are all together.

Sunshine Coast Afloat’s professional and experienced staff will cater to your every requirement to create a truly memorable and special send off for your loved one and conduct the ceremony based on your wishes.  We provide a quality service so you will enjoy that special day to celebrate the life of your loved one and make the day a memorable occasion.

If you would like to know more – head over to our website  or call Paddy on 0412 155 814



Summer is around the corner and so is Christmas! That means Fun, Parties, Drinks, Friends and loving life!

And we here at Sunshine Coast Afloat enjoy creating these moments for you.


Sunshine Coast Afloat is happy to host your hens and buck party celebrations! Escape the land for a few hours and jump aboard our large open deck vessel with full walk around access for uninterrupted fun and mingling! With catering options from fully BYO to a private chef on board, and complete flexibility with times and days, we’ll work with you to ensure your party comes to life!


Who doesn’t like a Party and the lead up to Christmas is the perfect excuse to jump on a boat, take a cruise and have a few drinks with friends.  We can even tailor the cruise to suit your needs.  Head out into the Mooloolaba Bay, cruise the coastline or simply stay in the canals.  Decorate Crusader 1 and get into the festive spirit.


Got a big birthday coming up and looking for something a little more special? Sunshine Coast Afloat’s private charters are the perfect option to host your next celebration!

What could be better than relaxing aboard our spacious vessel with a drink in hand, breath-taking scenery, and surrounded by up to 45 of your nearest and dearest?! A Birthday celebration to remember.

Check out the array of options we offer on our website – or simply phone Paddy on 0412 155 814 to discuss your requirements.Our experienced and accommodating staff will work to your requirements – from fully catered to BYO. Let Sunshine Coast Afloat take the stress away and create a fun celebration out on the water

This week has mainly been about Bucks Parties.

We have had a good few weeks of fabulous weather conditions so are bound to cop an upheaval, which we did this weekend.  Here’s hoping we have magical weather for the school holidays.

We’ve had canal cruises and deep sea fishing trips mainly this week, no whale watching.  It must be the season for pre-marital celebrations, Spring is in the air which usually means “love” is in the air, so that means – celebrations!…..Party time!

A last minute request gave us a nice 3 hour cruise during the week.  The boys had a full day planned and most likely weekend as they still have not returned to pick up their left over alcohol.  They had been to skirmish in the morning, then had lunch at the Aussie World Pub – which turned into a long lunch as they turned up late for their cruise.  A few hours of cruising the canals,at sunset with mates, a few beers, a lot of banter and laughter.  After the cruise – which they wanted to stay in the canals, especially after that big lunch, they headed to Duporth Tavern to watch the footy game that night.

Friday’s Deep Sea Fishing Trip was also a Buck Party and they had come from the Duporth Tavern that night but not all turned up so it was obviously a big night of footy.  Not too much fishing got done.  A few keen anglers fished from the back but we certainly had our share of burly contributors.

Saturday we managed a small 5 hour fishing trip before the winds settled in.  The conditions were not great, typical of weather forecasts – wrong again.  We managed a few fish and the Whales were in much closer too so that’s encouraging.

Our planned overnight fishing charter, last one for the season, was cancelled based on the forecast but it now looks like it’s settling down out there.

Planning a Party? –  Bucks, Hens, Birthday or Christmas; what ever the occasion, we can help.  Crusader 1 is perfect for that get together.  Call Paddy on 0412 155 814 or head over to our website –  to check out what we can offer you.





It was certainly a busy and eventful week last week.  We were luck enough to still have that beautiful weather with us to end winter – what winter I say.  I only recall turning the heather on twice.  She was certainly mild, not that I’m complaining.

Thank you to all that have embraced our Whale Watching trips this season so far.  We have taken a dramatic leap in the number of trips we have been able to do so far and the word is getting out that we can offer a guaranteed rail side viewing so when you do see those whales, you can take all the pictures you want.  We are finding the Humpback Whales are still out a lot wider than they usually are for this time of the year so there are certainly some changes occurring.  We are now in full Whale Watching swing – 2 months to go and we are now seeing the whales in closer than they were a couple of weeks ago so from here on in is the time to really enjoy getting out there.

We have also been doing our half day – 5 hour deep sea fishing charters.  Caloundra State high School joined us on an excursion during the week.  It was nice to see so many international students really engaging and loving the experience.  Firstly a fishing and Spanner Crabbing charter, then off for a bit of lunch and then a tour of the Tuna factory and trawlers.  A great way to spend your day at school. Lots of questions were asked about sustainability and to be able to speak to people who have been working in the industry for years is valuable knowledge.

We were also lucky enough to have a corporate charter so we did a big cook up for breakfast.  Later in the day it was a hens cruise – always nice having the girls on board singing and dancing and enjoying themselves.

Finished off the weekend with another Whale Watching trip – loving it!

If you are interested in any of our activities, please either phone Paddy on 0412 155 814 or check out our website




YES –  Here at Sunshine Coast Afloat we do school excursions for High School Students.  Marine Studies and Recreational Studies students gain benefit from these trips.  The trips usually incorporate a 5 hour deep sea fishing & Spanner Crabbing charter, followed by some lunch from the fish shops in Mooloolaba where they get the fish straight from the Trawlers.  We then take a walk along the dock to view some trawlers and a quick look inside the Tuna Factory.

These trips can be adapted to cruises if fishing is not the key component.

Our tours are based around what the students are studying at the time.  If it’s sustainability, we can talk to them about how Mooloolaba was a thriving hub, what happened, the impacts and how things have changed to now.  The current relationship between fisheries and the trawling industry and how they work together.  If the subject is more about boat licensing, rules and regulations – we can talk about what is required for different levels of licensing – Commercial and or Recreational.

This is an early morning start but exciting day out for students and teachers.  Hand on and certainly not the normal type of field trip.  This time of the year is also perfect to be out on the water as we generally see Whales and Dolphins on our venture along with a cheeky turtle that is trying to eat our Spanner Crabs.



What a fantastic day of good quality fish on board the Full Day  (9 hour) Deep Sea Fishing Charter last Saturday.

As always heading out on the full day we all have high hopes and expectations but to have good weather, a great bunch of people on board, a good feed, some fantastic fishing, even 30 odd Spanner Crabs (keepers) as well, makes for a great day out on the water.  Once of those days when it all comes together and you have that smile on your face because you have delivered!

Photo is a great pick up – Samson fish

So far, Winter is proving to be what we all hope for, particularly since we got hit with unruly weather the first 6 months of the year.  Spanner & Cobia are the target fish for winter.  Have not had a lot of Cobia on board as yet but seeing some good sized Snapper appearing.  Still have another month or so of winter so get out and enjoy fishing sunset.  We will be continuing our afternoon/evening trips a for a while yet and have started some 5 hour trips coming back in at 8.00 pm to catch the sunset fishing.

Head over to our website to book online or call Paddy on 0412 155 814


We are now approaching peak time for Whale Watching – end of August on wards is premium time.  This is when we see much more interaction and antics.  They are usually in a lot closer as well so you get to spend more time with them.  That’s not to say that all whales want to “play” and put on a show for us so we do have to find some that are interested in us and Crusader 1.

Some more interesting Mating Habits of the Humpback Whale: –

  • Whales reach sexual maturity by the age of 7 – 8 but do not become sexually active until about 5 more years later.
  • They have calves every two or three years but some have calves every year.
  • Amazingly enough, Humpbacks don’t eat anything during the breeding season.
  • Humpback Whales are not monogamous – they have numerous partners during each breeding season.
  • Humpback Whales have never been observed mating but they have been seen engaged in affectionate and “seductive behaviour.
  • A males foreplay is blowing “bubbles that will rise beneath the genital of the female”
  • You can usually identify male humpback whales by their battle scars.  These are a result of fierce competition among males for ovulating females.
  • Female Humpback Whales normally get pregnant in the warm waters and return the following year to give birth.
  • Giving birth to their calf is usually done along the Eastern Australian coastline was the waters are warm and the calf would not survive the freezing waters of the Antarctic.
  • Once the female has given birth she can become immediately pregnant again.
  • About 80% of mother and calf pods have a male escort but for how long, we don’t know as the mother is usually lactating and not a potential mate at that stage.
  • The males are not interested in raising the young.
  • Females rarely interact with one another in the breeding area.
  • It is thought that the female chooses a particular male but we don’t know what attributed females prefer

Join us for a glimpse of these magnificent animals and learn more about their behaviour.

Call Paddy on 0412 155 814 or jump onto our website to book.



What a fantastic week of activity and weather.  A mixture of an 18 hour overnight fishing trip to the fun 5 hour corporate social club outings.  Throw in some Whale Watching and we even assisted the Coastrek event. (Wild Women on Top)  The weather last week was for nominal with beautiful sunny days and calm seas which always makes being out on the water magical.

Our New Zealand friends have been loving the fishing and we are certainly enjoying showcasing the Sunshine Coast fishing, coastline and conditions to them. Jason sent through this fabulous text after there trip last week: –

 “Thank you so much for yesterday Paddy.  Your staff were so friendly and helpful, everyone had a great time.   It has been the highlight of their trip so far and thanks for the rod and reel, that was so nice of you guys.” 

After ferrying the Coastrek participants from La Balsa Pontoon to The Public Boat Ramp in Mooloolaba on Friday, we headed out whale watching for the afternoon.  Had a lovely encounter with a few mum’s and calf’s.  The whales are starting to come in a lot closer now which is good as they are generally more playful and active.

Last weekend was all about fishing.  Corporate events and bucks parties followed by our big overnight trip.  We were lucky enough to have a company from Toowoomba on board on Saturday and his was kind enough to put up a google & Trip Advisor review.

“The staff were fantastic, they made the trip something to remember. It was a real pleasure to be on the water,  I would definitely recommend this charter for everyone.” – Michael

Our 18 hour, overnight trip was filled with all sorts – On the way out we were lucky enough to experience a pod of dolphins riding the waves and the bow of Crusader 1.  Enjoying a few drinks and nibbles while watching the sun set, a nice big feed of eye fillet steaks and a variety of other meats.  Breakfast was croissants, bacon, eggs, hash browns and anything else you want.

Some fabulous fish caught, but instead of rattling them off – watch the video: –  Enjoy.

If you would like to know more about our Fishing Charters, Whale Watching, Cruises – just call Paddy on 0412 155 814 or check out our website –

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Explore the Sunshine Coast’s beautiful estuaries in a lightweight, stable kayak. On this half day adventure, our expert local guides will take you to secret locations accessible only by kayaks. These infrequently fished locations are abundant with many fish species. Bream, whiting, flathead, trevally, tailor, jew and even Barramundi are just some of the species you might catch!

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